200 years earlier than the Old Town of Lijiang, is a clean Naxi ancient town

200 years earlier than the Old Town of Lijiang, is a clean Naxi ancient town – Sohu travel

Old Town of Lijiang noisy crowded, forcing a lot of tourists to flee, looking for a more quiet, Naxi ethnic characteristics of the ancient town, calm down to play slowly. From the Old Town of Lijiang Dayan ancient town seven or eight km to the north, there is an ancient town in Shuhe.

Shuhe ancient town is an important post on the tea horse road, but also one of the earliest ancestors of the Naxi inhabited areas, 200 years earlier than the history of Old Town of Lijiang. The old town is the Naxi traditional style of the old house, built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, slate Road, home before the water.

tea horse road from the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, lasted more than a thousand years. From Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Pu’er tea, after Dali, Lijiang, arrived in Tibet, Lhasa, and then continue to Nepal, India. The caravan left a profound impact for the culture of the ancient town.

There is a village near Baoshan

, this is a mountain in the village. Compared to the Old Town of Lijiang, where a lot of quiet, winding streets and alleys are not many tourists, more suitable for the slow stroll.

the development of the ancient town of Shuhe than the late Old Town of Lijiang, many villagers house converted into an inn, a next to a house, accommodation and meals are very convenient.

Shuhe is Lijiang fur trading center, there are many skilled craftsmen making fur in this old town.

the Naxi ancestors across Jinsha River, from snowy mountains south into the Lijiang basin, is the creation of their early civilization in the wilderness. Shuhe, white sand area is the earliest ancestors of Naxi ancestors, but also the birthplace of the chieftain of wood.

Shuhe also has a square street, like Old Town of Lijiang, is a square in the center of the town, the town is surrounded by shops, which is the ancient town of commercial street.

simple wooden room, dark red paint, as well as the quiet shop, living with the elderly, everything is so natural.

after nightfall, bar street became the most noisy place.