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2016 Chinese (Xiamen) jointly organized by the chamber of Commerce merchants Festival opened on both sides of cross-strait businesses do businessman section of the Xiamen new economic leader was born 2016 China (Xiamen) businessman festival opening ceremony and business meeting conference? The new economic forum held in Xiamen in November 1st (Sina News release. Author: Gao Jinhuan Lai Dandan) famous party elite. In October 31st, 2016 Chinese (Xiamen) businessman festival opening ceremony and business meeting conference · new economic forum will be a grand opening in Xiamen! The Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce and Taipei City Commercial Association in November 1, 2015, jointly organized by the "2015 Chinese (Xiamen) business day" celebrations, to establish a good social image of merchants, promote integrity law-abiding businessman, businessmen to enhance the sense of responsibility and self-confidence, create a "zunshang mercantilism" social atmosphere, promote cross-strait common value orientation of businessmen at home and abroad, won the praise of numerous economic field. At that time, the vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the National Federation Chairman Wang Qinmin said in his speech the merchant Festival, the Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce and the Taipei Municipal Commerce solidarity and cooperation, will be in November 1st as a merchant exclusive festival celebration, to build a communication on both sides of the Taiwan entrepreneurs in Xinping, great significance and profound. 2016 China (Xiamen) merchant day by the Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce, Taipei City Commercial Association jointly organized, to create a good atmosphere of "zunshang mercantilism", promote cross-strait common business value orientation and the chamber of commerce development and progress, this is destined to be a grand cross-strait business. The State Council special expert economics · 2016 business meeting will talk about the new economy; New Economic Forum opened in the business section held on the same day. Renowned economist Li Zuojun attended the forum, he aimed at the background of the new economy, the industry how to upgrade, how to deal with the problem of enterprises, published their views. Li Zuojun, deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center, Institute of resources and environmental policy, was hired as a consultant or chief economist. For a long time, Li Zuojun adhere to the strategic thinking of the new economy from the point of view, close to the reality of the track and record the changes in the new economic development. Xiamen new economic leader was born as an important supporting activities of the merchant Festival, CO sponsored by the Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce, Xiamen City Council by letter, Xiamen torch hi tech Zone and Xiamen Evening News Agency "to find a new economic leader," Xiamen Evening News "business meeting weekly" and the Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce "business meeting" magazine jointly host of "looking for new economic leaders" activities in China (Xiamen) businessman festival opening ceremony awards ceremony held. 2016 "for Xiamen’s new economic leader" activities, in order to find active in intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce, information consumption, Internet financial and cultural media industries, make a demonstration effect on Xiamen’s economic development leader and leader. Activities since the start of September 6th, in addition to the recommendations, the public, enterprises, business associations have also recommended, recommended, more than and 100 enterprises and representative election. The event invited heavyweight watch.相关的主题文章: