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2016 Guangxi post media platform resources conference was held in September 23rd by the postal China Guangxi branch (hereinafter referred to as the postal company) and Guangxi District Direct Mail Association’s 2016 Guangxi post media resources conference "was held in the District postal company, a total of 75 companies inside and outside the region to participate in the conference. At the meeting, the Guangxi TV station and the District postal company signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the sharing of TV media and postal media resources. With the rapid rise of the Internet and other new media, the media industry has developed a brand-new situation, Chinese post through the integration of internal resources, strengthen the postal advertising resources and social cooperation, a comprehensive advertising service platform is built to meet the social needs and the needs of the market, traditional media and new media integration, promote the integration of Online + offline. Since 2012, the postal district to build a company including Zheng (GUI) paper, screen media, outdoor billboards, DM post advertising, local advertising and other modes of a total of 40 thousand media platform, rapid, efficient, widely for government agencies, enterprises and institutions and businesses of all kinds of information, and bring the good the social and economic benefits, has been recognized by customers. The conference, District postal company shows in the landing cooperation project post group China social ads, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangxi TV station, through the powerful combination to achieve perfect combination of traditional media + mass media, show the development mode of Guangxi post media resources, channel diversification, cooperation and win-win. 200 guests participated in the conference in the best of spirits in the new network media field experience activities, many guests said at the press conference that with the Guangxi post in the media resources more innovative cooperation model and more commercial value, the future development of Guangxi postal advertising media is worth looking forward to.相关的主题文章: