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The 2016 national comprehensive strength townships of 41 towns in Henan list released recently, the 2016 annual national comprehensive strength strong town of 1000 list released, Henan has a total of 41 list issued by the unit of China city town! Economic Association Committee on economic development, small and medium sized City City Development Strategy Research Institute Co sponsored the "2016 Chinese small city of science development index report" before the "2016 national comprehensive strength strong town of 1000", "2016 national comprehensive strength hundred counties" and other series of list released. The 2016 year China comprehensive strength hundred small city area: Zhengzhou District 27 (ranked eighty-ninth) 2016 annual China small city comprehensive strength hundred counties: Xinzheng city (No. 43), Yuzhou (No. 50), Gongyi (No. 59), Xingyang (No. 60). The 2016 year China most investment potential of small and medium city 100 area: Zhengzhou District 27 (ranked seventy-first); 2016 year China most investment potential of small and medium city hundred counties: Yuzhou city (No. 20), Mengzhou (No. 30), Xingyang (No. 31), Gongyi (No. 37), Lingbao City (No. 44), Yanshi (No. 93). The 2016 year Chinese small city (double) 100 Innovation Zone: Zhengzhou District 27 (ranked fiftieth); 2016 annual Chinese small city of innovation and Entrepreneurship (double) hundred counties: Xinzheng city (No. 59), Gongyi (No. 62), Yuzhou (No. 69), Xingyang (No. 71), Yanshi city (No. 97). 2016 China’s small and medium cities in the new urbanization quality hundred counties and cities: Gongyi (50), Xinzheng (72), Yuzhou (77), Xingyang (79). "Thousands of strong town" Henan has 41 towns on the list of what is the national comprehensive strength of the town? The national comprehensive strength of 1000 Town, is a Research Institute of economic development committee, National SME development strategy of small and medium-sized city development and environmental research joint China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of city research group, since 2005, 12 consecutive years of systematic research on small and medium-sized city scientific development index. What kind of town can be selected? The research group selected three indicators to conduct a comprehensive comparison of country towns: GDP, per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents, the public finance income. On the basis of the above three indicators, calculate the comprehensive score of towns, the top 1000 towns! "Longhu town Xinzheng city Henan 1000 down down town 41 towns list (eighty-sixth) Huiguo town in Gongyi city (285th) Shuiye town in Anyang county (320th) over the town of Xinmi city (340th) Yue Tan town of Yanshi city (342nd) Pingqiao District of Xinyang City, Ming Gang (348th) Xindian town of Xinzheng city (359th) and dragon town of Xingyang city (392nd) MEng Huixian (450th) Daye town of Dengfeng city (451st) Changge Dazhou town (453rd) Xinzheng Xuedian (497th) Xiuwu County Qixian town (541st) daweizhen Xinmi (553rd) Xingyang City Jia Yu Zhen Yao villages of Linzhou city (596th) (601st) (612nd) Zhongmu County Baisha Town Linqi town of Linzhou city (sixty-first)相关的主题文章: