2020 mobile app market revenue will account for more than half of the 1 trillion and 200 billion gam jkforum

2020 mobile App market revenue will account for more than half of the game 1 trillion and 200 billion [Abstract]App Annie report shows that the size of the mobile App application market will reach $189 billion by the year of 2020, the game class App applications accounted for 55%. This paper from the Tencent game channel exclusive compilation, please indicate the source according to the market research firm App Annie’s latest report shows that the mobile App market size by 2020 is expected to grow by 270 percentage points from the 2015 growth of $70 billion in 2020 to $189 billion (about RMB 1 trillion and 270 billion). The amount of time spent on mobile App applications will grow by 114 percentage points over the same period, while the game like App app will be able to account for a total of $55 per cent of the total revenue in the mobile app store. However, the growth rate of other types of App applications is also very fast, users spend time on the App consumer shopping and App applications are expected to grow three times. "Now, publishers of App applications may come from all walks of life, not just in games studios, media and entertainment companies. Retail stores, banks, airlines, driving share and government agencies are released to their App applications." App Annie wrote in the report, "want to use App super economic growth force, the publisher in the formulation of business plan including product launches, performance objectives, overseas expansion and product portfolio management and various, to seize the future market opportunities for." Mobile App application market revenue forecasts to 2020, the application of advertising revenue and application store revenue will exceed the sum of these two revenue in 2015. Not only will the application of a strong growth in the application of advertising revenue will be more than the application store revenue, the former share of the total revenue will be increased from 58 percentage points to the current growth rate of 62 percentage points. Two important factors to promote the growth of the applications were used in the long sharp increase (the data in the past two years has doubled) and increase the number of global intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, by 2020, the global population using the number of intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer will reach 6 billion 200 million units, than now doubled. Although the game publishers will continue to seize a large number of income, but the other App application in addition to the game advertising revenue will increase to 45 percentage points in 2020, advertising revenue in total revenue share by 34 percentage points in 2015 will increase to 2020, the amount of revenue will be $24 billion by 2015 increased to $85 billion in 2020. At the end of 2015, the total revenue from mobile App applications in the Asia Pacific region exceeded that of the Americas, and the main driving force for this growth came from china. By 2020, Asia’s mobile App applications revenue will exceed $85 billion. However, the United States market advertising and maturity is higher, resulting in more advertising revenue..相关的主题文章: