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Fitness-Equipment A career in fitness industry can be helpful as there is variety of opportunities available to explore. If you are trying to establish your career in this field then here are few options available for you: Group fitness Instructors educates various forms of exercise. You can teach various exercises or can major in one exercise form. Some of the most popular formats that you can teach are step, yoga, spin, Pilates, sculpt and cardio. Most of the instructors combine these exercise formats into classes like yogalates, sculpt and cardio. In order to become an instructor you will have to gain a CPR certificate and attend workshops that are particularly given for aspiring instructors. A good way to earn experience is to follow an already established instructor and then start your career as a substitute teacher. You can also become an aqua instructor perform exercise in water. There are so many formats of exercises available you have many options to excel in including tai-chi, aerobics and resistance training. Aqua instructors utilize particular props in water like Styrofoam made water weights. Instructors can teach in water or can demonstrate the students outside the pool as well. Today people are becoming very conscious about their health. They hardly move during the day and that is why they prefer to work out ay gym. With so many gyms and fitness centers opening up, the opportunities for fitness instructors are further increasing. You can also become a dance instructor as this career option is growing faster than any other option available. People today want to combine exercise with fun. Country line dancing, Zumba, hip-hop and belly dancing are few popular dances in demand. These classes are given by professionals and hardly need any exercise equipment. Senior exercise is another option that you can explore in your exercise career. With aging people, the requirement for professionals to assist people stay fit and healthy is increasing. Most of the exercise formats can be customized for senior citizens and used to teach them. Personal trainers are able to make more money than any other fitness instructor. A personal trainer either teaches a small group or educates people regarding their exercise regime and diet. These trainers implement exercise programs that teach exercises to the clients that promotes their strength, aerobic capacity and flexibility. Trainers can also get work and education for particular section of the society like seniors and people suffering from illness and injury. The career is extremely rewarding. If you get a certification from a recognized institute and understand the basics of exercising then you can certainly make a great career in this respect. Management and fitness sales career are for those people who love to exercise, gain knowledge about various exercise forms and love working with people of different age. The jobs can be found in hotels, gym, health clubs, organizations and wellness centers. The more experience you hold, more you can earn. These careers keep on advancing and give you nice opportunities to rise high and make your stand. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: