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SEO Some facts of life. I want it now. I want it right. I want it cheap. Everybody wants everything for nothing. People want quality but they dont want to pay for it. Its a utopia that thankfully most people appreciate is not a reality. I want a business that is successful. What can I do? I think we all know the get rich schemes that target the vulnerable are not really worth the paper they are written on. We see them advertised on websites or in search engines and arrive as get rich quick schemes in our email. There is no such thing as a genuine get rich scheme. What about Pyramid schemes? Let me pay you 1000 in the hope down the road someone pays me 5000. Money that materializes from no-where? Think about it, how can that be sustainable? You will lose out. You want to work for yourself? You want to earn a living? Well the formula is simple. Sell something that has a USP known as a unique selling proposition. I sell Search Engine Optimisation Services . Hang on, there are thousand of companies selling that, so what is my USP? Do I do a better service then everybody else? I do a good service but arguably so do many other companies though I know many bogus companies who dont provide genuine Search Engine Optimisation Services. My point it is not always just about the service. One of my USPs is that I target a specific geography. I provide search engine optimisation Wales based and focused services where my company is located. I like to meet with my clients locally and sell to them prior to starting a campaign to explain what we do and why. One of my other USPs is that I guarantee my work. Many of my competitors do not guarantee their Search Engine Optimisation Services claiming that they do not control the search engines. But surely youd like your money back if your investment does not come close to achieving what you had hoped? And my final USP? I am great value for money, cheap is a derogatory word, but I do provide affordable search engine optimisation services that are second to none. So you want a successful business working for yourself? Then make sure your USP means you either do it better or do it cheaper, or preferably both, than your competitors. And make sure you market the fact, and of course my recommendation would be to have a website and pay for some professional but affordable search engine optimisation services. And if you based in the UK, then you cant go wrong in using Rain Dance Software services, a search engine optimisation Wales based organisation to promote your own USPs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: