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Finance Many people may have reservations about selling their gold to unknown sources, but often this is without reason and selling their gold could be a quick and simple way to earn some extra cash from unwanted, unloved and unused items that are lying around the home. So heres a comprehensive guide to how you can sell your gold and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. 1)Jewellers Many high street jewellers will buy gold and unwanted silver items in return for cash. Many people like this option as they feel they can trust these bricks and mortar stores, taking comfort in the fact that they can visit the store with their items to get a valuation and often feel like they are getting truthful information as they can speak to an adviser face to face. Although some people believe this may the best option its also has its disadvantages. Prices are often less than other purchasers, such as online buyers or pawn shops. Also the range of items that jewellers are willing to buy is often smaller that pawn stores and online retailers, who are often willing to buy items such as spoons and coins, whereas jewellers are often more restricted to jewellery items specifically. 2)Pawn Shops These high street retailers often have exterior signs stating we buy gold and silver. And again because they allow the customer the ability to go into the store many people have increased trust as they do not feel someone would directly mislead them to their face. Yet pawn shops also have their disadvantages. Many people view pawn shops as untrustworthy and that they will not provide the best price for any items you take in. Also someone valuing your items in a pawn store may not be an expert in that field and therefore valuations can at times be inaccurate and incorrect. 3)Online retailers A number of online buying sites have appeared in recent years that offer the service of buying unwanted silver and gold items. The sites often claim to offer the best price for gold and silver items and the majority of the time this claim is substantiated. Online retailers have experts who can provide accurate valuations for your goods and they are often willing to buy any number of items that are made from either gold or silver. Therefore not only providing you with the best price for your goods but also allowing you to sell more. One disadvantage is that people may be unsure of using an online retailer to sell their items to, but by contacting the site and reading reviews many individuals find that the online retailer not only provides the quickest and simplest method to sell gold and silver but that they are completely reputable, sometimes even more so than those high street methods of selling gold previously mentioned. So when looking to sell any of your unwanted items make sure that you consider all options available to you and assess what would provide you with the best return and which is the most reputable source before committing to sell your gold and silver pieces. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: