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Finance When you travel abroad, there are times where you will require finances and financial assistance. However, in such a situation, your local bank may not have the necessary services to help you. Additionally, if you have to utilize the services of the foreign bank, you will need to open an account or even transfer funds, which will be inconvenient especially if you are on a short trip. However, you can always utilize the forex exchange services in India for any of the foreign trips you make. Given below are few of the forex services that are commonly provided most of the banks in India. Forex Cards Forex cards are one such forex services that are provided by most banks. Through this card, one can easily use foreign currency to make any foreign transaction. These cards are extremely useful as they protect you from possible financial loss in the conversion of currency or even the fluctuating market conditions. They also make better alternatives to travellers cheques. There are different types of forex cards available depending on the financial institution. The normal forex card will provide you with selected foreign currency. Other cards can include beneficial features like rupee denomination forex card, added security through embedded chip, insurance coverage, withdrawal of foreign cash and more. Remittance Product If you are travelling abroad for a longer stay, you would want to send some funds back to your home country. There are several remittance products that can help you in such a case. One major service that can be used is the telegraphic transfers. You can send a large variety of foreign currencies to your home country, where you can deposit the transferred funds through any of the bank tie ups. As part of the forex exchange services in India by most of the banks, you can either remit internally or even externally, depending on your requirements. The other forex services that are included under this product include forex demand drafts, foreign currency cheques, Special Forex Services Apart from these services, there are several other diverse forex exchange services in India. One such example is the cash to master service provided exclusively to the shipping industry. Through this service, the captain of the ship can have access to foreign funds, to satisfy any of his financial requirements within the country. There is no requirement to open a bank account in such a manner and it comes with an unlimited remittance. There are various other types of forex exchange services in India apart from this service. It is important to know all the different features and requirements of such products before you apply for this service. Once you have applied for this product, you can enjoy the benefits of being financially stable when travelling abroad. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: