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Software Did you know the first employee time clock was invented in 1888, with the purpose of recording the time that employees entered and left a factory? This mechanical employee time clock would stamp date and time information on a heavy paper card and, thus, the term ‘time card’ was coined. This time card would provide the factory owners with an official record of the hours each employee worked. Time cards had a dual purpose of also protecting employees by providing the accurate number of hours they worked, which makes it much more difficult for employers to cheat them out of their earned wages. Fortunately, time and attendance tracking systems have enjoyed great advances with smaller electrical time clocks emerging. Business owners and employees, along with other staff, have now adopted time tracking software. What Are the Benefits of Automated Time and Attendance Tracking? Time and attendance software is a type of business application that is designed to track and optimize the hours that employees spend on the job and keep records of wages and salaries paid. This application can be used by businesses of all types. The software provides management with a variety of tools to help maximize productivity and minimize waste. The programs can generate, maintain, and archive important payroll and tax information to ensure compliance. The records can prove invaluable in the event of an audit by taxing authorities. A good time and attendance software suite will continue to function properly as an organization evolves. The key benefits of automated time and attendance software include: Tracking employee hours. Tracking wages paid. Automating payroll processes. Complying with government regulations. Ensuring that employees receive proper compensation for overtime. Minimizing errors in bookkeeping. Breaking down processes and events into tables, graphs, and charts. Integration with financial analytics, business intelligence/business analytics and human resources management systems. Further Benefits of Automated Time and Attendance Software With the implementation of time and attendance software, it becomes incredibly easy to control payroll-related costs and therefore helps to track employee time and attendance. The software also frees up the time spent by human resources employees by negating the need to sort through time cards and calculate employees’ logged hours. In contrast to filing timesheets, time and attendance tracking software can store information about employees’ schedules, overtime and pay rates in a single location that, in turn, helps to streamline the payroll process by eliminating the need to search through records. You have all the data you need at your fingertips in real-time. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: