EEOC 共享豪车现身杭州 新加坡爆发示威

Posted By: MeghanJones promotion employee promotion request for promotion promotion questions passed up for promotion denied promotion unfair promotion promotion law promotion Removing The Roadblocks To Securing Jobs In Canada Posted By: Ric Colindress Jobs in Canada Jobs in Canada A Brief History Of The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Posted By: Davis Law EEOC history of EEOC EEOC employment rights employment EEOC Know Your Rights In Age Discrimination Employment Circumstances Posted By: Matthew Rothenberg The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that in it received nearly 25,000 age-discrimination complaints, 29 percent more than those the year before. Discrimination based on a job seeker’s age seems to be on the rise in the current economic climate. Exactly what constitutes age discrimination, and how can you prove you’re a target? A recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court placed the burden of proof on the plaintiff to prove that he suffered a wrongful termination or denial of employment based on his age. That’s rarely an easy task, and the best method for dealing with age discrimination in employment is to prevent it from arising in the first place. There are a few ways job seekers can make themselves less obvious targets for age discrimination. First, avoid revealing your age either directly or indirectly on your resume by including dates for education or experience older than about 15 years. Second, some interview questions can reveal a candidate’s age despite laws making it inappropriate to ask for this information. Know how to answer those questions tactfully without giving ground.resume advice age discrimination employment resume advice 相关的主题文章: