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Blogging is the best way to help your web Design Company obtain great search-engine ranking for your high-value keywords, those terms that, when searched, result in your content at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Whether you have a business blog, a special-interest blog, or a personal-diary blog. I assume you want to reach as many people as possible who would find your content interesting and relevant. Once you know youre trying to achieve, you need to consider where the blog resides. Should you use a subdirectory, a subdomain, a completely separate domain or either WordPress or Blogger? Lets have a look for all the options: Blogs on a Subdirectory When you first install a blog on your site, you are faced with the decision of whether to put your blog into a subdirectory (folder), like, or just let your blog be accessed from your main URL, like No one answer fits all, since there are pros and cons to either of these options. Pros Multiple Purpose Website: If you intend to sell goods or services from your site, putting your blog into a folder or sub- directory has certain advantages. In particular, your main page can then be freed to advertise your products or services and link to your shopping cart. From that page, you can still have a link to your blog. Search Engine still counts sub domain as another website so if the blog is in sub directory it will be considered as the part of the website. Cons If you install your blog in a subdirectory, you still have to create a main page for your site, since the blog software will no longer take care of that for you. When your blog is in a sub-folder, some webmasters will link to the blog in that sub-folder, while others will link to your main page. This reduces the number of links going to any particular page on your site Blogs on a Sub Domain In the past, Google viewed subdomains as completely separate entities from the primary domain. Because Google uses what it calls host crowding to return up to two results from a single domain on a search engine results page (SERP) (with the second one indented), with subdomains treated as totally separate, a single domain could get more than two listings on a Google SERP, through its subdomains. Pros: Once you run a full link building and separate SEO campaign for your blog, links from the blog to your store will carry a lot of weight, since theyre inter-domain. You can get the subdomain to rank separately, meaning you could potentially occupy multiple positions on page 1 of the search results. Thats good for reputation management. Cons: Since the sub domain is a separate site, none of the authority from the ecommerce site will pass to the blog, which means it will take long time to get it indexed and ranked. Content you write on the blog will in no way boost the relevance of the primary site. Nor will can it help boost the store through trending content. Blogs on the separate Domain Pros: Helps you control and generate external backlinks for which you control the anchor text, i.e. editorial links within blog copy back to category and product pages. Can create a more differentiated brand identity which can be seen as independent from the main site so generates more engagement with its audience potentially Cons: Will require a long-term commitment to content creation and backlink development You may not rank competitively at all for weeks or months depending on the quality of the content you create. So which is better for SEO? Unless youre writing completely about a whole new topic thats unrelated to your main site, go with a subfolder. Avoid subdomains. Use a separate site if youre looking to write about something new. 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