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Psychology Have you always been observing people and trying to understand the reason behind their behavior? Do you feel like helping those people suffering from a traumatic experience? Are you among those people who understand the nature of others well and want to explore the reason behind human temperament and behavior? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you should certainly look out for establishing a career in psychology. Psychology is a field that provides you variety of tools and methods to gain expertise and proficiency in human behavior management. It is a career that is divided into variety of fields and has been one of the top paying careers. Becoming a psychological or psychiatrist may be your long cherished dream but if you are looking to flourish in your career then it is important that you know what the top five psychology careers are. This knowledge will not only help you in achieving excellent growth in this career, but it will also earn you a higher salary. Psychology is basically the study of human nature and temperament in variety of ways. All of us know that we react differently in different situations and at different times. The nature, thinking and behavior of an abnormal person is quite different from a normal individual. In order to understand such differences and gaps between the behaviors of people you should have a good idea about the different career paths you can follow after earning your psychology degree. There are five top fields in the career arena of Psychology which you can choose from. These are: Child Psychology It is one of the most popular and demanded career in psychology that studies the behavior, temperament and the nature of children who have undergone traumatic situations or have been abused during their early years. This field of psychology is basically concerned with children and bringing them out of such situations by talking to them and helping them through the medium of therapy. Clinical Psychology In clinical psychology you will be working in a clinic and will be involved in working with alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, schools, healthcare facilities, universities and social service centers. Cognitive Psychology Cognitive psychology is particularly related to the behavioral psychology. By learning and acquiring a degree in cognitive psychology you can work as a psychiatrist and treat your patients using techniques like visual processing and problem solving. Forensic Psychology In this field of psychology you will be dealing with a variety of legal issues. For example, you will be involved in evaluating people who plead insanity in a number of cases. Forensic psychology is actually the application of psychology to the legal justice system. Sports Psychology As the name suggests the degree of Sports Psychology is concerned with sports and sportspersons. With this kind of degree you will be assisting people who are involved in playing sports. You would be helping these people to maintain a balanced mental state and keep their body at cool when they play in their various sports events. In order to follow any of the psychology careers, you will have to complete a post graduation degree or acquire a PhD in that particular field. There are a variety of online and offline colleges that offer you various degrees in psychology that can help you establish your career successfully. About the Author: By: Invisible – Comprehension of Menagerization is one of the key right brain concepts that current and future free thinkers will need to incorporate into their held world view in order to obtain and secure the capacity of free thought. 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