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Sports-and-Recreation If you want to be able to defend yourself, you can learn the techniques of urban self defense to stay secure. Despite the fact that they’re very skilled in the training they’ve undergone, many black belts that run martial arts schools don’t really have any experience in street fighting and self defense. Those of you who try to take classes at the YMCA or the gym trying to find out about street fighting will just be hitting a bag in repetitive movements. All these classes teach you how to do is perform moves that might appear impressive, but if you really have to fight someone they will be utterly useless; you will have to maximize your training and work hard to utilize these effective moves. You’ll want to get the proper equipment, like sparring gloves, a cup, decent gym shoes, a martial arts helmet, and the like in order to train for street fighting. Proper, regular training nearly every day will give you the greatest likelihood that, if you get into a fight, you’ll come away as the victor. You have to exercise your mind as well as your body. Getting surprised and caught off guard will be just as deadly as not being physically prepared for a fight, so work hard. Make sure you are experienced in the sheer feeling and adrenaline of a real fight, so you’re prepared for it. Keeping your calm while your assailant is attacking you will make a huge difference. Get to the point where you won’t get distracted when hit in the limbs. Once you have a bit of experience under your belt, start not using protective gear as you spar, giving you the ability to know your body in the face of a fight. Training your body to get used to the effects of a fight will help you more than anything in this instance. You really have to take advantage of books, classes and videos that teach proper street fighting techniques. If you don’t want to turn into just another dead body on the street, you have to be able to train your body sufficiently. With real sparring, you’ll really be testing the limits of your bodily potential. When you get attacked, real sparring will train you to be able to expect every blow, be calm in the situation, and allow you to take a hit in a way that will keep you in the fight. You have to regularly train with active combat to get your body and mind ready. If you want to know how to street fight, you have to do sparring regularly. Set goals for yourself, persevere and put every ounce of yourself in your work. You can train yourself to learn the instincts of combat as you wear your protective equipment. Find an ideal, quiet place to train your fighting skills in peace. If you keep it authentic when you learn how to fight, you’ll be better equipped to handle yourself in an actual fight situation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: