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Travel-and-Leisure Almost every pious Hindu dreams of a trip to Vrindavan. This is the place, which served as Lord Krishnas romantic playground during his younger days. Located on the banks of the holy River Yamuna, this highly acclaimed area is dotted with numerous revered temples and ashrams. The plethora of religious attractions in Vrindavan belies the fact that this is a very small township. Vrindavan is also very close to the hot favourite tourist destinations of Agra and Kosi. For a glimpse into the most popular tourist spots in Vrindavan and some travel information on Agra and Kosi, take a quick look at this short Vrindavan travel guide . Vrindavan Forest Tour This small forest or garden is an inseparable part of ones travel to Vrindavan. It is believed to be the very place where Lord Krishna romanced the Gopis. Legend also goes that the Lord still comes here at night along with the Gopis. In fact, one is not permitted to stay here after sunset and it is said that people who chose to do otherwise, became insane and died. There are even graves here, purportedly of some of these individuals. Surprisingly, the trees inside are lush and healthy, while their roots are rotten. Locals say that these trees are none other than the spirits of the Gopis, which change into their true form at night. Even the hordes of monkeys infesting the place leave in the evening. Vrindavan travel tourism owes a lot of its popularity to this place. Shahji Temple Trip A major highlight of Vrindavan travel! Dating back to around 1876, this temple was built as a palace for Sri Radha Krishna in a spectacular fashion fusing Lakhnawi, Rajasthani and Italian architectural styles. Although, the entire temple is adorned with elaborate patterns, the Basanti Kamra or Darbar Hall outdoes all other parts. Beautiful glass chandeliers and lovely paintings make for an overall astounding sight. In fact, throughout the temple, miniatures have been tastefully placed. The temple is also known as the Tehra Khambe wala mandir or (Temple of 13 pillars). Your travel planner for Vrindavan should definitely include a visit to this temple. ISKCON Temple Travel Make the most of your Vrindavan tour by visiting the ISKCON Temple. There are three altars here dedicated to specific deities. The first altar is for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, the central dais is for Sri Krishna and Balaram, while the third is for Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara and the milkmaids, Lalita and Visakha. There are as many as six Bhoga offerings and six aartis performed at the temple. This temple has become a prominent centre for the entire ISKCON movement across the world. No wonder, it is a part of the travel planner of many travellers visiting Vrindavan. Tourist Places around Vrindavan Well, as mentioned before, there are plenty of fine tourist places around Vrindavan. A couple of very ones are Agra and Kosi. Here is a short look on how to plan a trip to these places from Vrindavan. Trip to Kosi The distance from Vrindavan to Kosi is just about 45 km. A Vrindavan to Kosi taxi will cost you about Rs 650. Click the following link for Vrindavan to Kosi driving directions as well a Vrindavan to Kosi road map. Trip to Agra The Vrindavan to Agra distance is about 75 km. You can easily travel from Vrindavan to Agra by car in about two hours time. This link will take you to a Vrindavan to Agra route map . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: