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UnCategorized For those who have never used but who are considering using a company for document records management, there may be many unanswered questions. What is the cost, what is the security, etc.? But one of the most popular questions is does a record management company keep all records in one location or spread them among different facilities? Depending on your needs and the needs of the company, the answer could be both. There are benefits and negatives to keeping records in one place or placing them in different locations. Keeping records in the same location would provide for easy and quick access when retrieving a document for a client. This would also help with costs because people do not need to travel to different locations when multiple documents are requested by a client. While it may seem that keeping records in one location is the best option, take into consideration the benefits of spreading documents around. When companies spread the wealth of documents among different locations, they are actually creating an additional layer of protection for your documents. While they do take every precaution to protect your records from theft (posted security officers, surveillance, etc.), fire (fire alarms, fire suppression systems, etc.), and other elements, let’s assume for a minute that something like a break in or fire does occur that they cannot prevent. If the fire destroys a facility that contains all of your documents, everything that you have will be lost. The same goes for someone who breaks in and steals your documents. While they may steal some of your information, they will only obtain a fraction compared to what is stored at other locations. Keeping record in different locations can actually save money as well. Documents that are requested more often will be kept in smaller facilities closer to their clients; while documents that are not requested that, much will be placed in larger facilities farther away. This helps with costs as they do not have to wade through piles of unrequested documents in order to get to those that are. Document records management companies sometime store your records in one facility and sometimes split them up among several. Keep in mind that they are professionals and are providing you a top notch service while attempting to keep your costs down. As such, they will choose the best method that provides you with the best cost, most security, and fastest retrieval time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: