but that is how you will advance as an online marketer. You will then have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. 4 毒杀小天鹅案宣判 河北传销组织聚会

Internet-Marketing Years ago when I was doing a programming course, there was one guy in my group that went on to become a dot-com millionaire. Because the internet was a relatively new thing back then, there was this belief that millionaire could be made almost overnight and during the tech boom this perception was very near to the reality for some people. As so many get-rich-quick schemes have been promoted over the years as well as push-button solutions, the internet is often seen as a place to make money in the same way that people were doing in the gold rush days. The reality is that running an online business is much like a bricks-and-mortar business, with the exception that the physical overheads are usually considerably less. In this article I am going to take you through some of the pros and cons of internet marketing so you can weigh things up for yourself. Cons of Internet Marketing 1) No Accountability – If you’re in a regular job, you usually have someone above you to report to or someone keeping an eye on things, making sure the work gets done. This pressure makes you accountable and ensures you will get tasks completed. Of course, if you don’t, there are often consequences in a regular day job. With internet marketing you are as free as a bird in your online business and unless you motivate yourself to work on your business for a certain amount of time each day, it will not grow and you won’t prosper. 2) Constant Distractions – Every day, when you wake up or when you’re about to spend time working on your internet marketing business, you need to have a clear plan set out for what you are aiming to achieve. If you don’t, you will get distracted by other websites, emails, video sites, skype and even mobile phone calls. If you’re not very careful you can feel like you are busy yet end up getting nothing done that will help you. 3) Results Don’t Always Come Fast – In order to succeed with internet marketing, you need to to learn what really works and see it with your own eyes. By trying new things, you will fail sometimes, but that is how you will advance as an online marketer. You will then have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. 4) Family and Peers Aren’t Always Supportive – When you tell people you are starting an internet marketing business, some people may laugh or tell you that there is too much competition. My experience is that people often doubt what you are doing until you show them you are succeeding with what you are doing. Don’t worry about people that aren’t supportive and certainly don’t let them deter you from creating an online business that will materially change your life. Pros of Internet Marketing 1) Freedom to Do What You Want – Once you have a successful online business in place, you don’t have a boss to answer to anymore, so you can take a vacation whenever you feel like it. You will have the freedom to do things when other people are working as you now set your own hours. Want to go and play golf before you do any work? That’s not a problem, but remember in the early days you need to put in the hours to get to this point. It doesn’t happen by waving a magic wand. 2) Many Profitable Niches to Choose From – You can learn about and become an expert in any lucrative niche. You only need to be good at marketing to one niche where people are proven to spend money, but there is nothing to stop you entering multiple niches over time. 3) Magic in Momentum – Running a successful internet marketing business rewards you for your previous efforts, thanks to the power of leverage, so you will eventually reach a point where it feels so much easier than the job you used to work so hard at every day of your life. There is light at the end of the tunnel with an online business if you set things up the right way. 4) Automate and Outsource – Once money is coming in, you can re-invest some or all of those profits back into your business. This means you can spend money on time-saving tools and software and even employ people to do work for you that you would either rather no longer do or would otherwise not have enough hours in the day to complete if you tried to do it all on your own. You can employ someone from another part of the world and keep in touch with them ‘virtually’ by Skype and email. 5) Serve as Many People As You Want – If you’re selling intangible products such as ebooks and audio recordings, there is no limit as to how many you can sell to potential customers. This doesn’t apply if you’re selling physical products, which is more labor intensive and requires more work unless you’re doing something such as dropshipping. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: