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UnCategorized You’ve worked hard on your web site, and now you need the help of SEO Experts to assure your site ranks at the top of search engine results. But how do you find the right SEO Consultants that will help, and not hurt, your web business? Here are a few tips on things to watch for as you select your SEO Consultants. – If the service you’re talking to claims to know the search engine algorithm, look somewhere else. No one person at any search engine knows the whole formula. In fact, the algorithms are tightly-held secrets, and they change frequently. – Submitting your site to thousands of search engines doesn’t help. If your potential SEO Consultant makes their sales pitch based on site submissions, find someone else. Search engines will find a well-designed search optimized site through links, information-rich content, and simple navigation. – Large-scale trading of links with other sites is not the best way to optimize your web pages for search engines. Link-building can be important, but successful link building focuses on links that are directly relevant to your content. SEO Experts who offer mass link trading schemes are misrepresenting the role of links in search engine formulas. On the other hand, when SEO Consultants offer a sensible link-trading strategy customized for your content, they may be performing a valuable service that will improve your web site’s ranking. – Multiple domains or micro-sites do not help your main web site’s search engine performance. They add to your cost, and they require more effort to create new content and links for the micro-site. SEO Experts who recommend doing this do not have your best interests in mind. However, those who recommend adding new unique content-rich web pages to your existing site are on the right track. – SEO Consultants that recommend large usage of redirects do not understand how the search engines work. If they propose using a temporary redirect for any reason, look elsewhere for help with your site. – Your SEO Experts should be willing to share with you the details of their strategy for your web site. They should learn about your company’s objectives and products and explain how their strategy will help your business. If they are unwilling to give you the details of their approach, they are most likely using unethical approaches that could get your web site banned from a search engine. – SEO Consultants who recommend and use "tricks" aren’t in business to help you. If they even mention things like cloaking, hidden text, or keyword stuffing, run as fast as you can. These unethical practices will get your web site banned from search engines who have figured out how to find such tricks. – A company that guarantees a number one ranking is not telling you the whole truth. No one can guarantee a top ranking because no one can control the behavior of search engines. SEO Experts who truly understand search engines promise increased traffic and sales leads, not top rankings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: