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Shenyang District judicial examination enrollment is a new high this year, Shenyang area for the national judicial examination candidates reached 9174, a record high number of candidates. At the same time, Shenyang area examinee accounted for almost half of the total candidates, Liaoning province has become the largest area. In September 22nd, the director of Shenyang Municipal Bureau of justice and judicial examination at the Cui Jianbo guest micro interview reminded the candidates, in September 24th, the 25 day is the national judicial examination time, examination must carry ID card, ticket, one hour to get to the room ahead of the best. Cui Jianbo said the Shenyang area including Shenyang City, Fushun City, Benxi City, Dandong City, Tieling City, 5 city. This year, Shenyang area a total of 9174 candidates, the number of candidates 1222 more than last year, a record high. The total number of students reached 18980 people, Shenyang area accounted for 48.3% of the total number of candidates, to become the province’s largest area. This year, Shenyang has established a total of 7 test sites. In October 1st last year, the implementation of the criminal law amendment (nine), the clear test cheating as a specific criminal acts. Therefore, this year’s judicial examination to become the first test of the exam cheating into punishment. Shenyang is the center of all enabled examination video monitoring system, blocking the shielding of radio signal technology uses radio signals to detect, prevent cheating by radio.相关的主题文章: