People’s daily Huaian to visit the former residence of Zhou Enlai for a year; Begonia – people jcuv是什么车

People’s Daily: visit the former residence of Zhou Enlai in Huaian for a year –   Begonia Jiangsu window — original title: Begonia bloom every year (History Memorial parade) "people’s Daily" in October 7, 2016 7 edition screenshot of Comrade Zhou Enlai’s former residence. Original title: pictures of Zhou Enlai’s former residence in Huaian for a year on the floor of the town of Huai Haitang white clouds, fu MA Xiang before the sun. Zhou Enlai’s former residence is located in Jiangsu Huaian District of Huaian City Central Bureau fu MA Xiang, Xiang north, a total size of 32 houses, brick and gray tiles, wood structure. House two home things connected, each house is twists and turns into the courtyard. Front Gate into the residence, the first thing is the place to study Zhou Enlai’s childhood. From the reading room westward across a wicket, is Zhou Enlai’s parents lived South three houses, in March 5, 1898, Zhou Enlai was born in a house in the east. The former residence of the hospital has two strains of 20 meters of the century old elm, reportedly is personally planted by his childhood. There is an ancient river Wen Qu Huaian City, flowing through the stage of history, the communication the lake, lake, Lake Xiao, through the front of the former residence of Zhou Enlai. In 1960, he met with the leadership of the Huaian county Party committee, said: "Wen channel is not blocked, right? When I was young and buddies often rowed a boat to fight……" Now, not far from the north along the Wen Qu Huaian peach blossom Yin, is located in Zhou Enlai memorial hall, there are more than 1 million people came to see visitors every year. The memorial hall is a memorial hall, which is composed of the memorial Island, the wide water surface and the circular green space around the lake. Memorial Hall on the main hall 26 meters high, with the Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum in Nanjing, Yuhuatai martyrs memorial for the same level height. The main hall of the middle placed a statue of Zhou marble sitting, ask the left knee, right hand roll, staring into the distance. The sun shone through the glass, soft over the statue. Stand on the third floor observation deck overlooking the north, arch style doors and Chevron with king hall together, is just the "81" graphics. The history of the sound of the guns, Zhou Enlai led the Nanchang uprising still seems to appear in front of us. Museum attached to the north is the statue of Zhou Enlai square, the statue is 7.8 meters tall, although 78 spring and autumn of life through Zhou Enlai. Akimbo, smiling, the statue position based on the century at the end of 50s and early 60s Zhou Enlai cordial conversation with workers and peasants’ habit of action, feeling the oncoming. The statue on the west side of the square, planting a piece of Begonia flower, as Beijing Zhongnanhai Xihua hall also planted many. In 1997, Deng Yingchao’s posthumous "remember" released from the Xihua hall Begonia flower. She affectionately wrote in this article: "you were not, but when every Begonia flower open, there are often people love the flower to flower. Under the flower tree, everyone on the side of flowers, while miss you, miss you, as if you are in our midst. You leave the yard, leave them, leave us, you won’t come again. Where have you been?……" "People’s Daily" in October 7, 2016 7 edition (commissioning editor Zhang Xin and Tang Lu)相关的主题文章: