The nineteenth Beijing Art Fair held in the multi – Sohu entertainment works 捷安特xtc750

The nineteenth Beijing Art Fair held meeting gathered numerous works – Entertainment Sohu nineteenth Beijing Art Fair will be held September 1, 2016 -4 at the Beijing exhibition hall ushered in the nineteenth session of the event. The art fair fusion of modern and contemporary art, a total area of 15000 square meters, more than 100 exhibitors to attract foreign galleries and art institutions. "Contemporary Art Exhibition" Shanghai gathering of Han Ling art, Beijing Art Center, Taiwan, Van Gogh art collectors Art Museum, Chongqing, Ukraine Three Gorges Academy of oil painting gallery, Union art space, let the French? Michel, bring these galleries and art institutions before the novel Wei, distinctive, affordable, highly collectible. This year focused on the introduction of the "classic famous art exhibition" invited to the Shi Qi Zhou Changxin Beijing Academy of painting and color painting studio exhibition. The new China painting created on behalf of Mr. Qi Shi once again bring new creative masterpieces exhibitors, Shi Chai is committed to leading Chinese painting from tradition to modern painter, from painting to painting to abstract art, has created the creation style for the stone Qi not sticking to formalities involved in painting style and rich themes. For decades, the works of Shi Qi and China phase change always, constantly highlight a visual style win on the road, Shi Qi proposed the painting art form three — like concrete, image, and "China painting abstract and polyhedron" theory. In today’s open international vision, he is trying to seek the new spirit of the traditional spirit in his art, for the innovation of contemporary Chinese painting made a personalized exploration. It is very rare that the stone Qi recently launched three sculpture works will also be presented to the public for the first time at the show. Zhou Changxin for 30 years of dedicated research China color painting and fusion of Western painting art, without precedent will be the essence of western two art system — China color in lines and colors in the western painting together, the creation of "heavy color painting", put forward the "color line", open the "truth of art". This exhibition, his 20 site with a strong visual impact and artistic appeal of the painting, inject new vitality into Chinese painting and Western painting, a China painting nationalization and explore the development path between the heavy color and painting. Russian classical painting has always been the Beijing Art Fair more than and 10 years exhibition and on-site turnover is very hot plate, this year’s "classic Russian oil painting exhibition attracted Taiwan Han Xiang, Ukraine Dara (Dara), 1917 Russian art net, Gerry Char Bea, Maximov and other articles Yabolongsikaya exhibitors many meritorious Russian artist, people’s artist works, these works have a very strong spiritual power, the contradiction between the focus on the performance of personal life or historical destiny, the destiny of mankind, attention and emotional experience of individual real, with superb skill vivid depiction of the world around, both portraits, landscapes, still life, scenes of life, exudes a kind and strong the rich flavor of life, sincere emotion and realistic spirit full of affinity, have Great potential for collection and appreciation of space, in this exhibition will once again be a professional oil painting collectors and investors snapped up..相关的主题文章: