Congratulations! In Hongkong the day before Tang Wei gave birth to her daughter 3.41 kg (video) diamondprox

Congratulations! Tang Wei yesterday in Hongkong gave birth to her daughter Tang Wei 3.41 kg screenshot circle of friends Tang Wei propaganda WeChat congratulations! Tang Wei 25 in Hongkong gave birth to 3.41 kilogram daughter Tencent entertainment news (Wen Tao Andy Tang Wei) today issued a circle of friends, said the day before yesterday in Hongkong gave birth to her daughter, her daughter safe weighs 3.41 kilograms. Tang Wei said her daughter is very healthy, is the first loud cry. Tang Wei publicity chapter Jie said that Tang Wei has been discharged the day before, and Jin Taiyong together in Hong Kong to take care of the baby. "The baby is very cute, very loud cry, really loud!" Tang Wei and South Korean director Jin Taiyong married in July 2014, February 26, 2016, Tang Wei announced his personal social platform in pregnancy. After the release of the news, Liu Ye immediately replied: "boys and girls" in micro-blog? Congratulations!" Netizens have said, fast against Liu Ye, grow up must be a big beauty". Tang Wei issued a document: Hello, to report, I unloaded. I had a daughter in Hongkong, the birth of 3.41 kilograms, very healthy, because she is the first loud cry. Thanks to my mother, my father, I thank you for being brave, thanks to Doris and everyone who has been protecting her!相关的主题文章: