The second phase of the Chinese wisdom Whampoa  class and forum held successfully

The second phase of China Zhi Gang Whampoa  class and the peak forum successfully held the second session of the Chinese wisdom Whampoa  class and the peak forum held successfully

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, "at present, the development of intelligent equipment is facing an important node, how to integrate? How to fall to the ground? We need to solve the difficulties!" Deputy director of China smart Packaging Committee, honorary president of the China Institute of intelligent Jin Yongquan said a word out of the wisdom of the crux of the industry. Villa worth mentioning, apartments, or even home stores, how to use intelligent means of decoration, bigger market dishes, do deep floor scale become the common voice of the entire industry chain practitioners.

? ? With wisdom to lead the future, promote the industry Internet plus landing

?? hit the pain point, implement, seek win-win situation, jointly organized by the Chinese intelligent decoration Research Institute and Sina Home Furnishing, odd flute network, UMC international contractors, to promote cross-border integration, intelligent home and spread Home Furnishing Home Furnishing intelligent decoration to explore the latest experience, enhance the intelligent decoration marketing and operations management capabilities practitioners, accelerate the intelligent smart decoration, Home Furnishing landing second China Chi Whampoa  class and forum September 26th installed successfully held in Beijing only hotel.

?? the summit invited to include the National Association of industry and Commerce Committee Chairman Liang Guoqin, intelligent Home Furnishing? HS? Commercial and tourism real estate committee secretary general Cai Hongyan, Institute of intelligent home appliances? Research Center Deputy Director Wang Yuanyuan and other industry experts and deputy general manager of sina Home Furnishing media Zhang Xiao Hui, Qu Tao, vice president of decorative layer is Home Furnishing sinoref Cui Yinglei, CMO HUAWEI terminal strategy director Wang Lin and other industry pioneer of the exchange of experience and industry development.

?? the meeting, Chinese Zhi installed Institute awarded the odd flute network "wisdom Internet service base" brand, and actively explore to encourage the odd flute network made in Chile installed in the field Internet plus service and outstanding contribution. China Zhi installed Dean Ji Quansheng pointed out: "the present Chi installed system integrators orders mainly rely on the line, and Internet marketing in other industries has been performed well and achieved remarkable results, look odd flute network in CEO Lai Rui led to chi clothing enterprises to expand marketing ability, promote the industry faster landing".



Jin Yongquan, deputy director of the China smart Packaging Institute, honorary president of the wisdom of the installation of the hospital, CEO,, Rui Rui flute network, the Chinese Academy of wisdom Dean Dean

??, Home Furnishing, the intelligent voice, to break industry ills

? Why smart home has such an endless charm? In Shanghai, general manager of multi Ling Rong Rong seems that this stems from the smart home carrying a large number of non product service value, >