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These " " Chongqing hit the skull; do you know the idiom? – Sichuan channel — original title: the " " Chongqing hit the skull; idioms you know? We all know that Chongqing is a tolerant City, Chongqing not only broad and profound, with words is quite unique. For example, some Chongqing dialect idioms, do not know a lot of chongqing. Do not agree, you try, look at these words in Chongqing you do not recognize all the idioms! 1, the skin a crooked mouth described tired, exhausted. Today, I went to Guanyin Bridge with my friends, and bought a lot of discount. I was so tired that I went to sleep. 2, the fire at the convulsion to describe a person Yijingyizha, "gold claw" and "flying cross". For example: your baby one day at the mobile phone is fire convulsion, off the toilet a well, I still think many things. 3, you piston daze, dozing, going to sleep when not sleeping. I sleep you piston, suddenly heard "when" sound, the soul left the old black Lao Tzu! 4, skin grinding rubbing nothing good, extremely boring; do some good things. For example: Oh, your baby one day just to rub the skin rubbing, people carrying coal to the dam side to wash white. 5, fishing belly scratch feel panic, belly head no oil. A few days did not eat meat, intestinal scraping scrape, go, to rectify the hot pot. 6, do fine fire to look thin and thin, but easily ruffled feathers, a deep fried hair will not receive the hand. The floor of the little feet Zaier, dry fire Mong very fine. 7, tease the dog dog like nothing to find someone else. Example: I don’t want you to make fun of a cat and dog. Lieha ease thiophene. 8 feet, flower soft weakness, weak body, standing instability. For example: I haven’t been running yesterday, ran 5 kilometers, just over the soft feet today. 9, wrinkled fans pull down wrinkles, read longitudinal". Said the crumpled. For example: well behaved unitary children, don’t push up face, wrinkled itself down many. (Luo Juan, commissioning editor Gao Hongxia) original title: the " " Chongqing hit the skull; do you know the idiom? 10, arrived rope back street walk along the road until the end then turn. Example: "teacher, how do you go to the Monument for Liberation?" "follow this Gai go, come back to the." 11, a foot with claws like dance claw. Example: your baby the dog against a foot dance claw. 12, he shed a person smile happy teeth to be lost. Example: where did you find the money? He laughed to flow. 13, two do not hang five do not describe reliable, careless and casual. Example: you see the two hanging five appearance, after Lang got off. 14, South North serious, serious and careful. For example: xiongdihuo, south north make a deal, we)相关的主题文章: