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Yu Feng previously served as Dean of Central Conservatory of Music Beijing February new network president – the Central Opera House in 18, according to the news website of the Ministry of education, February 18th, deputy party secretary and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education announced that the Ministry of education Du tamanami office at the Central Conservatory of Music, Yu Fengren, President of Central Conservatory of Music. Data figure: Yu Feng Yu Feng, male, born in July 1964, in January 1993 to join the party, in July 1991, Berlin Germany Hans Eisler Music Academy (conductor of the symphony orchestra. Graduate and graduate equivalent), Professor, former director of the Central Conservatory of Music, Department of command assistant dean, vice president, Central Opera Art Director, Dean since February 2009 the central opera. Extended reading > > Central Conservatory of Music president Wang [?] violations make arrangements for her wedding was dismissed in December 1st last year, the Ministry of Education held a video conference on the recent investigation, Central Conservatory of Music and other 3 universities 4 of the eight Central provisions violate the spirit of typical cases notified. The investigation, June 2015, Wang? In their daughter’s wedding, the use of his office, accepting offers to build relationships in Beijing International Art Center Wedding preferential price with the school, invited school colleagues, subordinates to participate in wedding and wedding services (including the school leadership team members 5 people), adverse effects, the in violation of the provisions of the central eight spirit and the party’s honest discipline. Detailed > >

俞峰任中央音乐学院院长 此前担任中央歌剧院院长-中新网   中新网2月18日电 据教育部网站消息,2月18日,教育部党组副书记、副部长杜玉波在中央音乐学院宣布了教育部党组的任职决定,俞峰任中央音乐学院院长。 资料图:俞峰   俞峰,男,1964年7月生,1993年1月入党,1991年7月参加工作,德国柏林汉斯埃斯勒音乐学院交响乐队指挥专业毕业(与博士研究生同等学历),教授,曾任中央音乐学院指挥系主任、院长助理、中央歌剧院副院长、艺术总监,2009年2月至今任中央歌剧院院长。   延伸阅读>>   【中央音乐学院院长王次?违规操办女儿婚宴被免职】   去年12月1日,教育部党组召开视频会,对近期查处的中央音乐学院等3所部属高校4起违反中央八项规定精神问题等典型案件进行通报。   经查,2015年6月,王次?在其女儿举办婚礼中,利用职务便利,接受与该校有共建关系北京某国际艺术中心提供的婚宴优惠价格,邀请学校同事、下属参加婚礼并为婚礼服务(其中包括学校领导班子成员5人),造成不良影响,其行为违反中央八项规定精神和党的廉洁纪律。详细>>相关的主题文章: