After 90 girls living in the mountains, only 60 thousand to build 300㎡ villa-jodie foster

Only 60 thousand of 90 girls in seclusion on the construction of 300 square meters villa [introduction] Chu Home Furnishing many people have a dream: we’re old, it is living in seclusion with loved ones, put life into poetry! When the mountain made a wooden house, in the quiet of the woods, gurgling streams passing in front of the door, the air was filled with green grass incense, creeping down the window with sunshine bursts of warmth, through a path you can see the hut, it will be surrounded by a variety of plants and flowers, delicate and quiet. In fact, the poetic thought of this day, perhaps do not have to wait when we are old, a 90 girl, has now done, a house built in the mountains, with the reclusive pussy. Her name is Ru Ping, studied at the University of Central Academy of fine arts and art history major, school has been close to the "restless" label, while the Beijing sky is gray, the Academy of fine arts building is gray, even the Academy was popular works are black and white…… But the girl likes colorful, living things, such as green plants and colorful flowers.

90后姑娘隐居山林 仅花6万就建出300㎡的别墅【大楚家居导读】很多人都有一个梦想:等我们老了,就归隐山林吧和心爱的人一起,把日子过成诗!到时候就依山造一座木房子吧,就在安静的树林里,潺潺的小溪从门前流过,空气中弥漫着青青草香,沿着窗沿爬进来的阳光洒下阵阵暖意,穿过一条花径就可以看到林间小屋,各种花花草草将它包围着,精致而幽静。其实,想过这样诗一般的日子,或许根本不用等到“当我们老了”,一个90后小姑娘,现在已经做到了,在深山建了一个小屋,做起了隐居的花房姑娘。她叫茹萍,大学就读于中央美院艺术史专业,上学的时候就一直被贴着“不安分”的标签,那会儿北京的天空是灰的,美院的建筑也是灰的,就连美院被受追捧的作品都是黑白的……可这姑娘就是喜欢有色彩的、鲜活的东西,比如绿色的植物和多彩的花朵。相关的主题文章: