Businessmen gullible RMB exchange for dollar in Deyang cheated 1 million 446 thousand yuan (video)-索尼a350

Businessmen believe the RMB exchange "dollars" in Deyang cheated 1 million 446 thousand yuan in August 11th, the businessmen hung a police report to Luo Jiang, said by others cheated 1 million 446 thousand yuan. The 200 crooks use $1 bills, after chemical treatment turned "fed" the stub, inform them of the commemorative coin convertible large dollar and RMB, then all the way to Sichuan Hong Luojiang exchange price of the commemorative coin. Mr. Hong is the northeast person, he wants to exchange dollars for business investment, through a friend, linked to the Sichuan Chen, Chen claimed to have a large number of dollars, two people agreed to meet in Luojiang County of Deyang City, Sichuan province at the end of July, hung a plane came to the agreed place of luojiang. After the meeting, Chen said he has a lot of antiques, gold and the dollar is 49 years, the Kuomintang liberation fled from mainland China left, but their company is now in the business, not only can exchange needed dollars, but also lower than the market price of 1 to 6 of the exchange rate, the "sky pie" the good thing Mr. Hong soon fell into the trap of Chen carefully arranged. Although the other proposed prior to a one-time payment of 1 million 446 thousand yuan deposit, a flood has hit upon doubts. Then, Chen will 200 $1 banknote with chemicals in the altered, real money left to write "Zhou Enlai" three words, the right to write "Chiang Kai Shek" three words, the words with a fluorescent banknote checking pen of a dozen will see. Then, Chen changed after $200 to a flood, and told the commemorative coins, with leaders of both parties signed, in the industry called "red two thousand", is fed by modified stub, coins can exchange large amounts of dollars and RMB in the federal reserve. Chen this so-called "fed commemorative coins as collateral, to come up with 1 million 446 thousand yuan for a flood of 500 thousand dollars, still see Hong Chen again done half believe and half doubt. Another person Chen Gang of active through other people, linked to a flood, asked his hand is not a "Federal Reserve coin", then send money to others posing as member of detection of coins, told Mr. Hong is this real are very valuable. After two times of careful layout, completely believe Mr. Hong finally will be 1 million 446 thousand yuan in cash to Chen’s hands, and in Luojiang a restaurant waiting for that did not exist until 500 thousand dollars, half a month later, one did not always see the shadow of the Hong dollar found himself fooled. Sober, he immediately chose to report. At present, the 4 suspects have been detained, 3 people at large, Luojiang police are fully recovered 1 million 446 thousand yuan money cheated. We also give you a reminder: China has a very strict management system of foreign exchange, foreign exchange must go to normal channels, those under the banner of "underground illegal trading price lucrative exchange, and under the guise of behind, often conceals a huge risk and trap. Deyang (micro-blog) broadcast television journalist Du Min Li Qian editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading of Beijing & #8212; & #8212; 400 thousand gambling fraud fake relocation agreement

商人轻信人民币换“美元” 在德阳被骗144.6万元 8月11日,东北商人洪某向罗江公安报案,称被他人骗走144.6万元。骗子利用200张1元美钞,经化学处理后变身“美联储存根”,告知其该纪念币可兑换大量美元和人民币,洪某便千里迢迢赶赴四川罗江低价兑换该纪念币。洪某是东北人,他想兑换美元用于生意投资,通过朋友介绍,联系到了四川的陈某,陈某自称手里有大量美元,两人约定在四川省德阳市罗江县见面,7月底,洪某坐飞机来到约定地点罗江。见面后,陈某称他手上有大量古董、金条和美元,是国民党49年解放时从大陆逃离留下的,而他们公司现在就在做这个生意,不仅能一次性兑换所需美元,还能以低于市场价1比6的汇率兑换,这“天上掉馅儿饼”的好事让洪某很快就掉进了陈某精心布置的陷阱当中。虽然对方提出需要预先一次性支付144.6万元的抵押金时,洪某也曾心生疑虑。接着陈某将200张1美元的真钞用化学药水涂改,在真钞左面写上“周恩来”三个字,右面写上“蒋中正”三个字,这种字用验钞笔的荧光一打就会看到。随后,陈某改后的200美元交给洪某,并告之其为纪念币,上面有两党的领导人的签字,在业内叫“红两千”,是美联储的存根,用改纪念币可在美联储兑换大量美元和人民币。陈某用这种所谓的“美联储纪念币”作抵押,让洪某拿出144.6万元来换50万美金,看到洪某依旧半信半疑时,陈某再次做局。陈某团伙中的另一人主动通过其他人,联系到洪某,问他手里是不是有“美联储纪念币”,随后他人冒充派验钞员前来检测钱币,告诉洪某这是真钞非常值钱。经过两次精心布局,彻底相信的洪某终于将144.6万元现金交到了陈某的手中,并在罗江某茶楼苦苦等待那并不存在的50万美金,直到半个月以后,始终未见到美元影子的洪某才发现自己上当了。清醒过来的他随即选择了报案。目前,4名嫌疑人已被刑事拘留,3人在逃,罗江警方正在全力追回被骗走的144.6万元赃款。在此我们也给大家提个醒:我国对外汇有着非常严格的管理制度,兑换外汇一定要依法走正常渠道,那些打着“低价兑换、一本万利”等幌子的地下非法交易背后,往往掩盖着巨大的风险与陷阱。德阳(微博)广播电视台记者杜敏 李倩编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 北京——伪造拆迁协议 诈骗40万赌博相关的主题文章: