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Posted By: Lawren Cooper Samsung MM-E460D is the first micro hi-fi with built in dock for Galaxy devices in the world. In fact, it is a DVD player and is capable of ripping your CDs to a USB drive. There are many important features of this much system. In order to know some of them, you need to read this article from top to bottom. Important Features Of Samsung MM E460D Wi-Fi connectivity Wi-Fi connectivity has become very common on high-end micro hi-fi systems. It means that you can stream music wirelessly from your PC or from an Apple device by making use of Airplay. Bluetooth connectivity Systems equipped with Bluetooth allow you to connect wirelessly with consistent devices like tablets or smartphones, which allow you to stream music, which is stored on them and play back the tunes through your hi-fi speakers. Speakers The chief amplifier and tuner boxes generally come equipped with separate speakers, which connect to the system with speaker cables. You can get better quality of sound by upgrading but some of the models have built-in speakers so this is not always feasible.

Samsung MM E460D review The Quick Evolution Of Television In Past Few Years Posted By: Tom Schavo Television technology marched forward aggressively in 2004 as high-definition television (HDTV) and various services for time-shifting programs made a push toward the mainstream. "Consumers will have more flexibility over what they watch and when they watch it," said Phillip Swann, president of Swann pegged growing usage of HDTV, digital video recorders (DVRs) such as TiVo, and on-demand video service as the year’s most important TV trends. Although HDTV remained a prohibitively expensive proposition for most consumers, prices for the necessary equipment began to decline significantly in 2004, and the number of high-definition programs that were being offered grew. The telecasting of sports was a key factor in driving the growth, experts said. For example, Cox Cable in San Diego, Calif., saw its "take rate" for high-definition services jump 40% after San Diego Padres baseball games began to be offered in the new, more vivid format. The use of DVRs, long predicted as the wave of TV’s future, finally began to climb in 2004, largely because cable-TV operators began to offer them packaged inside their cable boxes. This arrangement was simpler than TiVo’s, which typically required users to purchase and install a separate audio-video appliance.

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