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Reference-and-Education Fashion is a creative yet serious business and like all businesses, it needs to be managed well. If you want to be a part of the global fashion scene by learning the international fashion processes and practices, you will find your calling in global fashion management. Many graduates in India aspire to make a career in fashion merchandising, however, only a select few achieve the desired success. The ones who make it large are those with the accurate business acumen, fashion sense and of course the desired personality and social skills. a fashion export merchandiser requires you to learn the tricks of the trade as you go along developing the ace management skills required to stay ahead in this pulsating, vibrating and constantly evolving industry. Have enough creativity? Then you will need to work on your management skills, learn to strategize, make decisions effectively. Then bottom line is to be on top of things and well in .mand of managerial functions like costing and other merchandising functions. Effort is required on earnest if you want to be successful at managing global fashion brands. Aspiring fashion merchandisers must train themselves in everything fashion so that they are at par with the changing trends. Fashion is never static. Changes are introduced every minute, all across the globe because creativity flows unrestricted. The need for creating something different leads to newer designs, patterns and styles. A fashion merchandiser must get in the middle of all these changes by being aware, on the alert to keep abreast of the changing trends. As a skilled merchandiser you need to spot any new trend your .e across. You have to be aware of the new styles and also know why such changes are .ing in. Fashion is inspired by thought and an export merchandiser will be skilled in understanding and interpreting designs. In other words, you have to be learned in grasping and spreading the language of fashion. Once you know what the trends are presently you will know where your product will be in the greatest of demands. A solid and detailed market research is required to lead you across the globe meeting prospective customers and using your business acumen in striking a profitable deal with them. Be ready to be.e a globe-trotter as you find newer markets and travel there to identify and contact new customers and present before them the trendy designs your team creates. This means you will require using your attractive interpersonal skills to negotiate with international buyers and business associates. Armed with a fashion sense as well as a sharp business sense, you will surely take your business to a whole new success level. You must understand that managing the supply chain from conception to delivery is no easy task. You will need to rely on your skills as a fashion expert all the time. You will have to take up and successfully deliver tasks like .municating with your customers, designers, design factories and suppliers. In other words you are the coordinator of the whole process from a designs creation to the final product being rolled out of the design factories. Your role as a fashion merchandiser on a global level will also require you to conduct profitable cost and lead time negotiations. We hope now you know the challenges that lie before you when you be.e a fashion merchandiser. But you can make things easier by getting enrolled in one of the reputable fashion designing institutes in Delhi . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: