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Video-Streaming Marketing is all about creativity, consistency, and generating valuable and relevant content for the specific target audience to keep them engaged and interested in your campaign, which thereby creates particular brand value for your product and deepens the client-customer relationship. While marketing isnt an alien concept for anyone, the way large firms or .panies are marketing their product these days is something quite new. A huge amount of weightage is given to the strategies and planning of any marketing campaign. A large number of .panies are using new marketing strategies now and one of the most effective and widely used concept is that of Explainer Videos. An explainer video is a short web based video which is used to present information on a .pany, product, services or a brand in a very simplified manner. The fact that the time duration of these videos usually ranges from one to two minutes makes them a faster form of marketing and thus saves time of both the businesses and its audience. Many tech .panies have been using explainer videos in their marketing strategies from quite some time now, but it is recently these videos have been going more main stream. With the high speed internet being more evolved now, viewers generally prefer to watch an interactive video instead of reading large amount of boring texts with more keywords but little hook. Explainer videos can be easily and quickly shared across a wide range of platforms such as social media, blogs and emails. Usually these explainer videos use a .bination of animations and text along with it, which can be used to explain the functionality of a .plicated product or services provided by a business. The aim of such videos is to capture the interest of the viewer and keep them engaged throughout the video with an ultimate goal of increasing the bounce rate on the landing page or to generate business using a method which is profitable to the business and fun for the viewer. Basic human nature tells us that we usually buy products that we know well about. These kinds of videos can be used to educate the audience about the product, improve the engagement rate and can increase conversion rates from 20% to 75%. If you too are looking for premium explainer video services in India that can take your rankings sky high, then we at Clixlogix Technologies are here to help you. We are a professional SEO firm in India providing the best explainer videos to our clients. To know more about us and what all we really do check out our website- clixlogix… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: