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Jewelry-Diamonds Platinum a magnificent silvery-white when pure metal, holds the leading position in list of noble metals, along with silver, gold, and bronze. Platinum is a rare metal with unique level of features and qualities that add more reasons for this already precious metal to be a rarer and exclusive metal, ideal for making high quality special jewellery products. History of Platinum Naturally-occurring platinum and platinum-rich alloys have been known for a long time. Though the metal was used by pre-Columbian Native Americans, the first European reference to platinum appears in 1557 in the writings of notable Italian humanist Julius Caesar Scaliger as a description of a mysterious metal found in Central American mines between Panama and Mexico. The word platinum comes from the Spanish word platina, meaning "little silver." South Africa has maximum reserves of Platinum producing almost 80% of world’s total Platinum. Russia and Canada are other leading producers of Platinum. Platinum is an extremely rare metal around 30 times more rarer than Gold. Features of Platinum Platinum’s rare availability as metal has caused the world to associate it with exclusivity and wealth. The most appealing characteristic of platinum is its durability, a feature which makes Platinum unique and rare is its ability to remain untouched, that is if other metals are scratched or polished, a tiny bit of metal is lost, this is true in case of even Gold. Eventually, jewellery made of white gold and yellow gold may wear down enough that you need to have them reinforced with more metal for safety of your treasured jewellery products. But a scratch in platinum may leave a mark on the metal, but this metal is so strong that it will not readily chip or splinter. For that reason. Platinum Jewellery The exclusivity, rare occurrence, shine and durability of this metal makes it Ideal and most precious metal for Jewellery Industry. There are some examples of using Platinum for Jewellery making in past too, but the most important and significant change occurred after discovery of vast diamond and platinum reserves in Kimberly, South Africa. Jewellery manufacturing companies like Cartier and Tiffany introduced a completely new range of jewellery using Platinum mounted with Diamonds. Later it became the most favorite jewellery combination of people. Most used and famous jewellery products of this combination (Platinum and Diamonds) are Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings. Nothing can exceed the charm of Platinum Jewellery for a woman. People prefer using Platinum casing for their Diamond Jewellery just because of its durability and ability to make diamonds look better when mixed with shine of Platinum. Platinum Jewellery has become the new and latest fashion trend among people. This is the most effective and attractive way of flaunting your wealth and sense of style in front of people. If you also want to experience the real beauty of Platinum Jewellery, visit your nearest jewellery shop or try online. You can purchase all kinds of Platinum Jewellery online through various available Online Jewellery Store, that too with Hallmark and Quality Certificates. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: