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Sales-Training By Colleen Francis I think we can agree that the economy is still unstable. While some .panies are flourishing others are suffering. Likewise some sales professionals are exceeding their goals and others. I would say about 75% are crying about their poor results blaming the economy. We see it every day at Engage, with sales rep after sales rep not achieving their goals .ing to us for advice on how to sell in a slow market. The first .ment I make to all of them is this: “If your market has slowed and you have slowed with it you will soon be out of business. So tell me, what have you done to ramp up activity this year? Usually that question is met with silence. And then another .plaint about how no one is buying. “No one?” Of course some people are buying, there always is. So my question to you is this: If you market has slowed to a crawl, or maybe only your market’s buyers are buying, what are you doing to ramp up your activity working both smarter and harder to capture a greater share of sales in your slowed market. Sadly it’s my experience that most sales people give up when their markets slow down. They resign themselves to the fact that it’s going to be a bad year and they don’t even try to hit their quotas. A very few refuse to wave the white flag. These top performers attack their markets with vigor. They approach more prospects with new, and increased sales activities. These are the few reps who even in a bad market are selling more. I met one of those types this week. Mike is selling to the home builders, renovators and consumers. Arguably a down market. His sales are up 200% this year because he is (as he said to me) “powering through this economy and out hustle my .petition” So, before you .plain about the economy hurting your sales I need to ask: Are you taking any of the following actions?” Tweet, blog or update your social media status with a value message or inspirational message daily. You can change your results in any economy. Just look at Mike! Once you accept the fact that you can change it, you can begin to recover one step at a time. Don’t try all 22 ideas at once. Simply pick 1 or 2 new ideas per week. Implement them every day for 7 days. Master them. Own them. And continue to use them as you pick 2 more the next week. Soon you will own your market Believe in yourself. I do. 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