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Attraction Words are so important. They form the basis of our human language and are in large part how we communicate with one another. But what about communicating with ourselves? Here words become even more important because they reinforce our beliefs and even our reality. As a Law of Attraction teacher and coach, I am constantly reminding my students and clients to choose their words wisely. The words we choose, weather spoken out loud or echoed in the recesses of our minds, tell us a lot about our true emotions and beliefs. They also form in part the messages we’re sending to the Universe, which are then reflected back to us as manifestations. If our words contradict our stated desires then we may be disappointed when we continue manifesting things we don’t want. Case in point: Your stated desire is to have a beach ready body by summer. Yet every time you look in the mirror you frown in disgust and comment on how flabby you are. And when you go shopping you complain to your friends how you’d never look good in this or that. What message do you think this sends to the Universe? (Hint – it’s not "get this body in shape by summer!") Here’s the thing. The Universe responds most strongly to the constant stream of data you put out. So if you put out one request about having a beach ready body when the other 10 million words are about how bad you look you have to expect that the Universe will respond by giving you more of what it thinks you want – looking bad. So how do you change this? The first step is to pay attention to the words you use, especially when talking to yourself. If those words aren’t supporting you then its time to come up with some new phrases and stories about what it is you want. It’s all in the words – choose the good ones 🙂 About the Author: About the Author: Maria Meiners is known as the "Manifesting Muse," and helps ordinary people learn to Manifest using Law of Attraction principles. If you’re new to manifesting, or frustrated because it doesn’t seem to be working in your life then Maria can help you get real, measurable results starting today! Ready to get started? Get your FREE Manifesting Kit at Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Attraction Essential Need To Maintain Ones"�� Appearance Through The Process Of Regular Grooming By: Mark Well – There is an essential need to groom and maintain ones physical appearance. It generally brings out the first impression of a persons overall personality and outlook. The need for proper grooming is more important … Tags: Get Over Yourself! Do You Think You Can Dress Like A Slob And Be Success? You Can"��t So Get Over By: Sandy Z – Do you like to dress like a slob every where you go? It probably isn’t the best idea if you are in business and need to market of sell a product. Here are a couple to tips about getting over yourself and a sh … Tags: Rudimentary Factors Of Nikon Camera – What’s Required By: Mia Frizzell – One thing about this camera that you will find in honest reviews is that it is not such a smashing hit for videos. The .plete range of digital cameras is available in all leading stores in Kolkata. The truth is, the i … Tags: Extra In.e From Home By: Fhill jaques – Most of the skilled people are not able to get employment opportunities because of which they lose a source of earning in.e. Tags: Swift Solutions In Invest In Europe – Insights By: Nickolas Canales – This is creating goods directly as a team rather than doing it yourself. If you too are interested in buying Residential or .mercial Plots in Punjab, then here are some points that will surely make you appreciate your … Tags: Swift Methods For Dehumidifier Across The Usa By: Emily Warden – uk you can be sure that you will receive a high quality moisture eliminator unit, at a .petitive price. This damp stays in the walls of a home and mold and fungus will start to grow and can cause health issues. One im … Tags: La Utilidad De La Descarga De Libros By: Santos Calderon – Una de las primordiales prioridades para Kindle es acrecentar la oferta y seleccin de ebooks para nuestros clientes del servicio en todas las lenguas, afirma Gordon Willoughby, director de Kindle en Europa. Tags: Abundancia Y Prosperidad By: manuelbaron – Para tener una vida equilibrada es fundamental tener abundancia y prosperidad, el tema de la abundancia tiene muchas implicaciones, hablamos del dinero, relaciones, salud, tiempo, creatividad, etc. Abundancia implica se … Tags: Swiftly Eliminate Acne With These Suggestions By: Kandace Cherry – Acne cases are an un.fortable dilemma. You might have control of your breakouts, despite the fact that occasionally it appears difficult. There are several natural home remedies that work well just as well as drugs, s … Tags: Rain Umbrellas In The Videos-the Best Five By: Fannie Tickell – My site … La rfrence de la Voyance Tags: 相关的主题文章: