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.puters-and-Technology While seemingly an overwhelming chore, selecting a cellular phone can be a painless procedure if you know what you are actually searching for. With such a wide variation of options to choose from, you must be supplied with the knowledge of what your cellular phone will be used for, and how it will fit into your lifestyle. With .munication taking a back seat to entertainment and recreation, realize that you will be confronted with features such as camera phones, video gaming and multimedia messaging. Face it: This is not your mothers cell phone. A majority of the newer cellular phones are primarily intended for entertainment and recreation. These phones play music files and internet radio, downloaded video clips, and the most current phones play movies. An innovative type of cellular phone technology, multimedia texting, gives users the ability to attach audio files, video, and images to an outgoing text message. And then there is the text message. Text messaging has be.e a basic feature on most, if not nearly all, cellular phones. Can you imagine that once texting was a rare option on the cell phone? Text messaging enables you to send small portions of text to other cellular phones. Some wireless providers charge a monthly fee for use of their text and multimedia messaging services, so you may want to inquire before using these features. Do you like driving while chatting on the phone? Then you need to entertain the thought of these next two cellular phone options. These practical selections were created to make driving while on the phone not only less difficult, but also much safer. Voice Dialing lets you say a name that you has been entered into your address book into the cell phone speaker, and the phone will automatically locate the number and dial it. Bluetooth is another choice that has be.e a standardized option in most cellular phones. A wireless system for electronic devices to .municate, this advanced form of technology also offers a headset that affixes to the cell phone. A phone equipped with a camera? Imagine that! Some of the top cellular phone providers such as Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola have had a drastic increase in profit since the camera phone has arrived. When you are thinking of purchasing a camera phone, you need to consider the kinds of photos you will be taking. Most camera phones only have one megapixel or less. What does this mean for you? Very low-quality pictures. The more advanced (and more expensive) cameras offer a wider variety of features and also have a higher resolution. Several of the newest camera phones have built in zoom and a movie option. Maybe it is worth it to pay a little extra! Still shaken up by the spectacular cellular phone search? Your best bet may be to head to your nearest wireless provider and check out the selection for yourself. Make sure to ask plenty of questions and address any concerns you may have. Hopefully, you will finally find the cellular phone that is right for you. And maybe you can buy a new one for Mom. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: