Adapter Of Power Inverter Dc To Ac Of 12v-220v

The automobile voltage converter achieves a conversion of a constant input voltage DC of 12[V] in to the alternating voltage AV 220B. The kind of output signal is sinusoid with the frequency of 50 [Gts]. Converter is intended for the connection to the automobile storage battery of the electrical appliances of different power of workers from the network with the alternating voltage. With the choice of the model of converter it is necessary to think about the total necessary power of the instruments two times only connected to it. The connected load must not be equal or exceed the maximum permissible power of converter. So it is necessary to think about the special features of the consumption of electrical power by different instruments. Roughly it is feasible to divide electric appliances in to 2 groups. The first group this electric appliance with the beginning also at the beginning of work of which the short-time rating of consumption several times exceeds nominal yield. To this group relate for example the refrigerators, pumps, compressors, electric saws. For the instruments of this group it is necessary to pick converter according to the maximum permissible power of gizmo. The second group these are electric appliances, beginning power does not exceed nominal. They include the TV sets, computers, lamps, heaters, as well as so gizmo with collector type engines (drill, detachable machines, & planes). For the instruments of this group it suffices to pick converter with the maximum permissible power a tiny exceeding nominal yield of gizmo. By the separate group it is feasible to isolate SHF- to bake, which requires the two-fold reserve of power of converter with respect to the nominal furnace output. The models of converters having output power to 300 W are supplied with the joint of connection to the rosette of automobile, model of great capacity are supplied with terminals for the connection directly to the storage battery. Check it to know more details about it So it is feasible to make use of an inverter in the systems of the uninterrupted power supply of out-of-town houses, with the operation of tiny size water transport (motor boats) & so forth Characteristics of Adapter Of power inverter DC to AC of 12v-220v 1000w: The output power (max. the permissible load) of 1000 W Short-term permissible load 2000 W Output voltage of 220 volts Kind of output signal – modified sinusoid Efficiency >90% Current without the load 0.5 A Automatic turning off with the load 1200 W Size of 280x135x85 mm Distinctive special features of the converters: Buzzer of the low level of the charge of the storage battery Automatic turning off with the low level of the charge of the storage battery Automatic turning off with the overload, the short circuit. 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