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Affiliate-Revenue Most affiliate marketing programs today use revenue sharing or cost per sale (CPS) as a .pensation model which means realized sales is a pre-condition. Another type of .pensation, cost per impression (CPM), requires that the publisher make the advertisement available at his webpage and let the visitors to view in order to get a .mission every time they visit the advertiser’s webpage. The affiliate marketing programs resemble multi-level marketing (MLM) where the publishers attract sub-partners to get their referred visitors to sign up for the same program using the main publisher’s account or sign-up code. The publisher will have overriding .mission from his sub-partners, who also be rewarded with a smaller .mission for their effort. The above elaborates the option where you can earn .mission from selected affiliates. Such affiliates are sometimes listed in abbreviations as given below. Pay per sale (PPS): Affiliate marketing programs that .pensate members depending on every conversion into a sale, i.e. when buying a product or service from the publisher’s webpage. PPS programs normally provide the highest payout but tend to have the minimum conversion rates. One of the best affiliate programs today is Clickbank. Pay per lead (PPL): Affiliate marketing programs that .pensate members for every conversion into a lead. A lead might consists of an opt-in lead capture page, ebook download, game, survey, or free trial. PPL normally provides mid-level payout and mid-level conversion rates. Pay per click (PPC): Affiliate programs that .pensate members for every click to the publisher’s webpage. This sort of affiliate program is rare because of deception or fraud click. Many advertisers who participate in affiliate networks also offer online display ads which can be in the form of banners or buttons in various shapes and sizes. They also offer text-based ads or other type of links which can be placed on your blog or website. All these options are ultimately to help you earn the most possible by participating in affiliate programs. Therefore choose wisely and design your blogs or website to strategically place those ads to encourage your visitor to click on them. If you be.e successful as an Inter. marketer or a blogger and can generate a substantial and ongoing level of traffic, (let’s say tens of thousands or blog by the million), you might even be able to offer affiliate software programming yourself. Then you would be able to host several affiliate marketing or make money online Malaysia programs and therefore, generate a higher revenue by selling your own ad space directly to online advertisers if you can maintain a high target audience. Once you reach this level, you will easily be able to hire the services of an advertising specialist to help you in your own affiliate marketing programs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: