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Athena Chu Stephen Chow finally break the ice, but the spring of the thirty Niang you also know? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Athena Chu Stephen Chow on Tricholoma said there is good works do not refuse to cooperate Stephen Chow version of the "Westward Journey" has become a classic, in addition to contribute a lot of expression package and classic lines, is the achievement of a relationship with Athena Chu Yeh, "there was a sincere love in front of me the front….." The classic confession scene is countless times on the screen. And I also love Daisy from the play came to life. It’s with Zhi Zunbao but two people after breaking up but laosibuxiangwanglai, until recently in an interview, the enmity between Stephen Chow and Athena Chu, finally put down, said: "for the good work, I will not refuse." Let not repel and Stephen Chow together again. Athena Chu Stephen Chow Athena Chu in the 1991 shooting of "fight back 2" and Stephen Chow wipe out the fire, in the "Westward Journey" was released at the time of the official start of romance, yeh meets all the conditions, the other in a dream lover langcainvmao, envy. "Fight back" but not for the cause of public affair in China, after three years of underground conditions, heard the man Athena Chu’s heart broken split declared broke, more left behind relentless never see Stephen Chow, do not want to hear the name of Stephen Chow, the former lover Former friends become enemies with each other. Stephen Chow, Athena Chu, Athena Chu in an interview. "Stephen Chow had tears tell too much bother", together for 3 years because of much weeping, by too many injuries, Stephen Chow said that for love, this love only bring pain, I decided to go on a road, but also because of this love. Let her confidence collapsed, spent 2, 3 years to repair the mood, then met her current husband and Beyond guitarist Paul Wong, to find the final destination. Athena Chu family but Zhu Yinzhen has forgotten Stephen Chow? In the last year to the "Idol" episode, the recording scene referred to host Stephen Chow and the "Westward Journey", and copied the year that classic dialogue and scenes in the scene, sharp eyed Netizens found Athena Chu at that moment in a trance. Classic scene in a trance Athena Chu Athena Chu and the other side I have over 54 years old, but always alone, at the beginning of the year when photographed photo is old a lot. 20 years ago, he was the king of comedy, and after 20 years he was too much water, said, "I am old". Stephen Chow photo Stephen Chow and the "Westward Journey" featuring another actress and mother Yammie Nam spring thirty. The performance in the play did not lose Athena Chu. Spring thirty Niang Yammie Nam recently, netizens exposed a photograph of Yammie Nam, sometimes sparked heated debate. In the photo, Yammie Nam sat on the street, holding a cigarette in his hand. Fat, dull eyes, face the vicissitudes of life. Yammie Nam Yammie Nam 20 years ago, the vast beautiful Mount Wutai, stubborn personality, suffered a lot of tragedy; since the end of 2013 exposes the past was the 2 Hongkong film brother violence aroused an uproar. 20 years later, because of her appearance, a strange behavior, and suffering from mental illness, and poor appearance)相关的主题文章: