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B: Keyser chupan hemisphere analysis relatively reasonable value trust – Sohu of Kaiserslautern vs Dusseldorf 201617 second division third round game time: 2016-08-30 Tuesday 02:15 Macao: 0.920 disc hemisphere 0.900 Bet365 disk: 0.950 0.899 1.95 3.30 3.80 William Hill: hemisphere Ladbrokes: 1.95 3.30 4 [1], the score data on Kaiserslautern a round away 1-1 draw out Ma Welch, the first two rounds of the league’s 1 flat 1 negative. 2, Kaiserslautern week in the German Cup win 3-3 difficult to draw third team jares penetration, but ultimately penalties, ahead of the game. 3, Kaiserslautern before the 3 round for each round ball, lost 8 of total. 4, the Dusseldorf round 1-0 home court successfully blocking Jiangban Stuttgart, the first two rounds of League 1 wins 1 flat. 5 weeks in the German Cup, Dusseldorf 3-0 away victory third team Rostock. 6, the two teams last season’s B two round of dialogue, Strauss Keyser 1 wins and 1 losses, including home court winning 3-0, played nearly 8 times only 1 wins. [analysis] asian handicap according to data provided the net score, crown ball chupan Kaiserslautern main let the hemisphere high water in 0.95, immediately set to maintain premium trend, no drop disc expected; crown size ball chupan 22.5 high water ball, opening more conservative. Kaiserslautern League start poor, but the recent two line frustrated; and Dusseldorf start performance is more effective, smooth line. Kaiserslautern chupan Lord let hemisphere, basically a continuation of two teams last season history (3-0), the home court will face Dusseldorf, should be able to prevail. Asian disk recommended: small ball 2.25 color recommended: 31相关的主题文章: