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Banda Asia: Australian iron ore prices soared to refresh government led the Liberal Party of Canada’s 1 and a half high client view the latest market yesterday warned that the budget deficit will be higher than previously expected, because commodity prices continue to weaken the country’s sluggish growth prospects. Canadian Finance Minister Moreno announced the news also confirmed that the estimated economy has just been elected the ruling Liberal Party made during his election campaign last year too optimistic. According to the average level of private analysts expected Moreno is expected to 2016, the economy will grow by 1.4%, lower than the expected growth of 2% in November the Ministry of finance budget report. He said, 2016-17 annual budget deficit will reach $18 billion 400 million ($13 billion 440 million), the 2017-18 annual budget deficit will reach $15 billion 500 million. Moreno said that although the poor economic situation, he will continue to adhere to the infrastructure investment plan. In addition, the International Monetary Fund [micro-blog] (IMF[micro-blog) [micro-blog] President Lagarde believes that the Middle East countries have suffered by plummeting oil prices, so in order to recover and usher in prosperity, may have to raise taxes; in order to adapt to the low oil prices, all oil producers need to reduce spending, and increase income. Lagarde stressed that although the new situation of low oil prices are adjusting to the oil producing countries, and the world needs to mobilize to increase government revenue, especially in the Middle East and North Africa are highly dependent on oil income areas is even more so. Lagarde also said that oil prices have fallen from a high of 2/3, and the crude oil supply and demand factors show that oil prices will be a long time at a low level; the external shock is not only a huge scale, and to be lasting, which means that all oil producers need to reduce spending, and increase income in order to adapt to the low oil prices. Today, need to pay attention to the data, the German quarter not seasonally adjusted annual rate of GDP, the German IFO business climate index in February, the United States in December S& P CS20   big city house price index annual rate, the United States   February Conference Board consumer confidence index, the United States   February Richmond fed manufacturing index and the United States in January into the house the total number of sales. In addition, vice chairman of the Fed today evening Fisher will deliver a speech, worthy of attention. Gold: gold dollar fell sharply yesterday, and once fell 1210 mark. Crude oil prices, global stock markets have boosted the market risk aversion, hedge commodity gold so battered. In addition, the dollar index in the market risk sentiment warming and the pound fell under the support of the 2 week high refresh also constitutes a certain pressure on gold. Asian city in early trading, gold spot price shock upstream, trading at around 1217. In addition to short covering on the exchange rate constitute some support, Asian stock markets closed down also constitute a certain supporting force for gold. Today’s focus pressure near 1228, below support near 1210. $$$$: yesterday to shock down, and once fell 1.3700 mark, the dollar is now trading at around 1.3720. Crude oil prices yesterday because of U.S. shale oil production gradually reduce the violence report. 邦达亚洲:铁矿石暴涨澳元暴涨刷新1个半月高位 客户端 查看最新行情   加拿大自由党领导的政府昨日警告称,预算赤字规模将高于此前预期,因大宗商品价格持续低迷削弱了该国增长前景。加拿大财长摩尔诺宣布的这个消息也证实,刚刚当选执政的自由党在去年竞选期间做出的经济预估太过乐观。摩尔诺根据民间分析师预期的平均水平预计,2016年经济将增长1.4%,低于财政部11月预算报告中预期的增长2.0%。他表示,2016-17年度预算赤字将达184亿加元(134.4亿美元),2017-18年度预算赤字将达155亿加元。摩尔诺表示,虽然经济状况不佳,他仍将坚持基础设施投资计划。   另外,国际货币基金组织[微博](IMF[微博])主席拉加德[微博]认为,中东各国已经深受油价暴跌之苦,因而为了恢复元气并迎来繁荣,可能不得不增税;为了适应低油价,所有的产油国都需要减少支出,并增加收入。拉加德强调,虽然产油国正在适应对低油价的新形势,同时全世界需要动员起来以增加政府收入,尤其是中东和北非这些收入高度依赖石油的地区更是如此。拉加德还表示,油价已经从高位跌去三分之二,且原油的供给和需求因素都表明了,油价还将长期处于低位;这种外部冲击不但规模巨大,并可能持久,这意味着所有的产油国都需要减少支出,并增加收入以适应低油价。   今日需要关注的数据有,德国四季度未季调GDP年率终值、德国2月IFO商业景气指数、美国 12月S&P CS20座大城市房价指数年率、美国 2月谘商会消费者信心指数、美国 2月里奇蒙德联储制造业指数和美国1月成屋销售总数年化。此外今日晚间美联储副主席费希尔将发表讲话,值得大家进行关注。   黄金 美元:   黄金昨日大幅下挫,并一度失守1210关口。原油价格暴涨、全球股市走高令市场的避险情绪降温,避险商品黄金因此遭到重创。此外,美元指数在市场风险情绪转暖和英镑大跌的支撑下刷新2周高位也对黄金构成了一定的压力。亚市早盘,黄金震荡上行,现汇价交投于1217附近。除空头回补对汇价构成了一定的支撑外,亚洲股市开盘下挫也为黄金构成了一定的支撑力量。今日关注1228附近的压力情况,下方支撑在1210附近。   美元 加元:   美元 加元昨日震荡下行,并一度失守1.3700关口,现汇价交投于1.3720附近。原油价格昨日因美国页岩油产量逐渐减少的报告而暴涨是施压美元 加元下挫的主要原因。不过汇价的跌幅受限,因美元指数在市场风险情绪转暖和英镑因退欧忧虑升温而暴跌的支撑下刷新2周高位限制了加元的表现。今日关注1.3800附近的压力情况,下方支撑在1.3650附近。   澳元 美元:   澳元昨日大幅上行,刷新1个半月高位,现汇价交投于0.7230附近。澳洲的主要出口商品铁矿石价格昨日暴涨,是支撑澳元昨日冲高的主要原因。此外,原油价格强劲上扬、全球股市走高令市场的风险情绪持续回暖,高息货币澳元因此受到了投资者的青睐,也是支撑澳元走高的重要因素。今日关注0.7300附近的压力情况,下方支撑在0.7150附近。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: