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Because prices give up in the big city you have such a young side comic: Qiu Jiong in order to curb housing prices, since October, China has more than twenty one or two, three line city has promulgated the property market regulation policy, including an increase in the proportion of the first payment, zoning regulation, stable market order and other measures, the city more is called "the history of the most stringent control measures". Recently, the social survey center of China Youth Daily net joint questionnaires on 2001 ~ 18 a 35 years old youth group showed that 83.6% of respondents were young were obsessed with "house", 58% of respondents said the young first-tier cities prices for him to be out of reach". More than 71.8% of respondents bluntly around the price and give up the development of young people in large cities. 83.6% of the respondents were troubled by the problem of the house has entered the work of the second year of Zhu Jing recently troubled. When reading a graduate student, she has been living in Beijing, seeing the past few years prices have been rising, "but later do not buy more afford. The family plan to start a program, but the parents of these years are not saving enough. A small house for the first payment, but also sell a home in the house, barely enough". Zhu Jing said, parents for their own reading, now graduated, still can not return to their families, and even spend their savings, she felt very ashamed. Zhu Jing this is not a case. With most of the generation or even all of the savings, or to sell the property to fill the home town of real estate funds, in young people is not uncommon. Working in Beijing southern girl Liao Ran (a pseudonym) recently considered to buy a house in Beijing, parents get together for selling to raise money but city housing prices rose too fast, the small city house is not marketable, I estimate we sold the house, this light rising prices have exceeded the real income". Master graduate of the Zhang Mu graduate (a pseudonym) working in the Beijing financial industry, was the envy of a "money" in her work, also is the "house" problem, "if you want to take root living here, the house is necessary. My mother and I also forget the deposit at home a few days ago, but the thought of monthly mortgage, after the purchase period, and to become "slaves" for decades in the future, let me give up the idea". Survey shows that, whether it is rent or buy a house, 83.6% of the respondents were troubled by the problem of the house, only about 16.4% of respondents did not. The degree of acceptance of housing prices first-tier cities, 58% of the respondents think young "far away", 27.6% young people surveyed said that "barely enough", 11% of respondents in youth is "Dan just match", only 1.4% of respondents believe that "more than sufficient", youth and 2% young people surveyed said that "not to say". Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Zhang Yi Institute of social development, the academic community believes that in the current environment in China, the house of the loan period of 15 ~ 20 years, is a reasonable period of time for people to bear. In the process of aging, the wages and income of workers will fluctuate, the relative value of income will decline. Taking into account their own education, children’s education相关的主题文章: