Beijing court to start the second phase of this year Beijing brand passenger car judicial disposal – mmhouse

Beijing court to start the second year period of Beijing passenger car – judicial disposal Beijing Xinhua Beijing September 12th news (reporter Xiong Lin) Beijing Municipal Higher People’s Court issued 12 news, the Beijing court system now started in the second year, the Beijing brand passenger car judicial disposal. The public can be obtained by the Beijing Court seized or detained car ownership through bidding procedures, and handle the registration formalities according to the relevant procedures for the transfer of vehicles. The judicial disposal of passenger cars for criminal cases, as well as civil and commercial cases of seizure, seizure of vehicles. According to the regulations, the bidder must have small passenger car Yaohao qualifications. Legal persons and other organizations shall not participate in bidding. The Beijing brand cars to justice officially began the network auction since September 22nd 8, the network auction including quotation period and the highest price quotation, bidding period (delay time of 8 hours, the highest price quotation period except) for 2 hours. The administration of justice to continue to use set the highest price bidding model, to assess the price of the vehicle starting price for disposal, at the same time the highest price for the vehicle to assess the price of 150% vehicles. Participate in the judicial disposal of a total of 27 buses. Among them, the highest price assessment for a Buick sedan, to assess the price of 231 thousand yuan; the lowest is a Passat sedan, assess the price of 52 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: