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Bigbang victory and Bea Hayden face to face with the love – netizens worry Beijing Beijing on 8 September, according to Taiwan "Chinese times news, 5 members of South Korea day mission BIGBANG has a unique personality charm, the youngest member of victory, humorous and funny, personality to not artificial, very popular in fans in the circle, but he 7 night suddenly update social networking sites, tan and Taiwan actor Bea Hayden to face the sweet photo, the message is only a symbol of" love ", let the fans scared straight to ask:" is a public affair?" The victory of 7 night update photos, photos of him and a long hair beauty cheek intimate photo, he and the woman smiling at the camera at the same time, there is a piece of blue sky and clear sea, looks quite romantic, like sweet dating photos, plus a victory in the photo only note "love" sign, let fans scared silly thought he was going to the public affair, then only victory in the symbol behind the note "# Yu love tour", originally he is to play with "love" Yu works have appeared in such "dating photos", and the girl in the picture is the same actor, in the film "time" break the popularity of Bea Hayden. Although the victory is only put on the propaganda for the drama and Bea Hayden photo, let the fans put the heart, but some people think that in recent Chinese victory by leaps and bounds, if really made Taiwan a girlfriend, is not a strange thing.相关的主题文章: