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Business You may have wondered what the SGR stands for. Well, to my knowledge it is short for "The Science of Getting Rich," which is a book written roughly 100 years ago. For those of you who have seen the impressive movie "The Secret," this very book can be noticed as the movie starts. The movie is nothing but the manifestation of the book. Who is Bob Proctor? Owner of Life Success Productions a successful .pany, Bob Proctor is part of the team of instructors and certified teachers that have taken the book to a new level. He is a certified consultant and coach, highly motivated to make people be aware of the immense power that lies within all of us, and which also decides for the out.e of our life. Bob Proctor reveals to us all that controlling our life has never been easier. Bob Proctor, a teacher of the Science of Getting Rich Program, brings forth this science of getting rich and does so using explanations and life-examples, endorsed by scientific data that are hard to deny. He is consultant, speaker, and author at the service of all those that choose to make their creativity work for them, and ensure their success and stability. To start from whence we should, we can all agree that from time memorial science has been part of our lives, and now we have at our feet the Science of Getting Rich, that Bob Proctor writes about. Bob Proctor is an amazing writer, author of a huge number of books, e-books, DVDs, CDs, and many other such forms. "The Science of Getting Rich" is more than rich, in terms of financial success; what you need to do before that is feel fulfilled on a many different levels, as well and only after that will you be able to take joy in calling yourself wealthy. The link between "The Science of Getting Rich" and the movie "The Secret" is a Law that both of them utilizes, the Law of Attraction. The Law, proven many years ago says that your mind and your thoughts actually attract the like of that which you think about. Whatever image you hold in your mind, part of your life, without any doubt that it could never be possible, will be manifested into your existence, because you have asked for it. The images you hold, a huge bank account, and being able to buy all you wish, a brand new car, happiness and stability can be yours if you strongly believe, see them, virtually reach out and touch them, in your mind first, and then for real. It won’t be long before they will be real, so be.e successful using your mind. Start feeling grateful first of all for what you have, then choose anything that is suitable for you and more of that will .e. Stop thinking it will never happen to you, because if you start off with these negative thoughts, it will indeed never happen to you. The Law of Attraction will draw in your life those which you fear the most, simply because you have thought about it in your mind. It is your willpower that sends negative waves out into the universe, which of course gives you what you have wished for. Whatever may be going on in your life as it is, you have attracted it, and no other creature is responsible for the series of events you could be experiencing. Life is how you plan it to be, in your mind and Bob Proctor will help you plan your life carefully, step by step. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: