Changzhou, a man suspected of robbery piaozi too expensive woman naked out of the room. aspack

Changzhou, a man suspected of robbery piaozi too expensive woman naked out of the room for Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Xu Lan Liu Guoqing) paid 800 yuan piaozi, man Yang piaozi felt too expensive, disgruntled woman he took 920 yuan. The woman found after Yang was not against the threat, then took the opportunity to help out the door naked. September 17th, the modern express reporter learned from the Changzhou Liyang court, Yang recently because of robbery, was sentenced to three years in Liyang court. This May 15th morning, man Yang after drinking about micro friends Xiaoqin (pseudonym) to open the room, the two sides agreed transaction amount of 1000 yuan, yang to pay WeChat friends Xiaoqin 800 yuan piaozi, sex in the city of Liyang, a small town hotel and small qin. Later, Yang felt piaozi too expensive, disgruntled, and while the Xiaoqin asleep will Xiaoqin bag 920 yuan in his pocket, and to the bathroom to wear good clothes. In preparation to leave the occasion, Xiao Qin woke up to find Yang, Yang was worried that she found herself stealing her money, and pretending to lie back to bed to sleep. During the period, Yang thought the micro signal and the number of their mobile phone Xiaoqin mobile phone, in order to not let Xiaoqin found himself, and while it is not prepared, and will Xiaoqin pillow in his mobile phone pocket. After Yang went to get out as soon as possible. According to Yang said at the time, Xiaoqin did not know that he has stolen property, said 200 Yuan Yang still remaining unpaid, then holding Yang not let go. Guilty, Yang hand card Xiaoqin Xiaoqin neck, back up, Yang and put it down on the bed, and with a small piano skirt Le its neck. In the small Qin resistance, Yang with a verbal threat Xiaoqin, pretended to kill anyone, let the hand over money. Under fear, Xiaoqin agreed to give the money to yang. Yang then loosen Xiaoqin Xiaoqin in, to take money, that money has been taken away, then took out the door for help naked. Yang seeing. After the harp back to the room and found the phone was gone, then let the waiter alarm. After identification, the damage to the minor injury. Liyang court held that Yang in the theft of the victim’s property, in order to get rid of the victim, escape arrest, and threat to the use of violence, verbal intimidation and other means, his behavior constituted the crime of robbery. Then make a decision. In this case, the judge handling the case introduction, the case of Yang in the implementation of the theft, theft of their victims not only pay piaozi 800 yuan, also stole the victim of the original 120 yuan, and another theft victim’s mobile phone, its behavior has not belong to steal back their piaozi, with its main view of illegal possession the purpose of. When Yang is ready to leave, although the victim did not find his belongings were stolen, but not to leave Yang alone. In this case, Yang in order to get rid of the victim, the implementation of violence and verbal threats to the victim, the victim out of fear and agreed to give him the money, after Yang took the opportunity to escape, the transformed robbery crime.相关的主题文章: