Changzhou, a new house owners after the launch frequency is selling the police checked the explosion

Changzhou, a new house owners after the launch frequency is selling the police checked the shady explosion not long ago, Changzhou City Tower police found an illegal sale of citizen information industry chain, from top to bottom for five layers, a direct result of a large number of citizens illegally leaked information. In March and April of this year, Changzhou police received the alarm from the public, said he bought a new house just delivered, they received a variety of promotional business messages, suspected of their own personal information is illegally leaked. After the police investigation found that many people sent to the so-called alarm SMS, are from the same message platform. Arguably, SMS is not illegal, can send text messages to the target group so accurate, clearly know each other is the owner’s personal information, the information leaked out in the end is how? Through careful investigation of the police, and finally traced to a company called dragon I line, the advertising company. The 24 year old Liu is one of the "dragon water ring, is our advertising company sponsors, but also the actual person in charge of the company. Liu said, he is accidentally to enter the industry. It turned out that a few years ago he went to an advertising company in Changzhou, is engaged in mass advertising messages. After a burst of salesman, Liu on the way to grasp the company’s operations, so in May last year, he resigned and a few friends together founded the Dragon line advertising company, the main push or SMS group business. Liu said that when a lot of advertising companies to attract business, will provide some information to the customer, and the variety of sources of information, authenticity is difficult to guarantee. Because there are many online decoration building materials group, so Liu joined them, once the members of the group to see the need to promote the decoration, and the other approached, to help them send text messages. On the other hand, Liu and selling personal information of people long-term communication with internal staff even through the mutual exchange of needed products, directly from some government departments and relevant enterprises from the list of owners. As a result, as long as a new Changzhou delivery, Liu will soon be able to get a list of owners. Soon, Liu made a reputation in the circle, many people are looking for him to buy such information. Perhaps aware of the risk, from the beginning of April this year, he and several partners decided to suspend the company’s operations, go out to avoid the limelight. But in the end, he still could not escape the police tracing. The day before, the police have destroyed the illegal sale of citizens information industry chain, including Liu et al, on the five floor brokers are judicial organs.相关的主题文章: