Children do not dare to go to school, the teacher said I was a thief

The child can’t go to school "the teacher said I was a thief:" the teacher criticism of girls being careless fine hot peeling grievance said dare to school the afternoon of July 5th, a large town of Chaoyang County of Chaoyang City DENGZHANGZI primary school grade 5 small boys (a pseudonym) came home from school, the father asked Mr. Deng bawler, what’s wrong with the children, she said to her father the first grade teacher Lu, in front of the class that he stole someone else’s pencil, he felt wronged and insulted. Lu teacher said, he was just in the classroom door asked to go without a pencil Xiaohai, did not steal. The school and the Chaoyang County Education Bureau to understand the situation, confirmed that the teacher said, the school was criticized for teachers, teachers are required to deal with such incidents to the attention of the speech, the Education Bureau asked the school to learn, teachers should pay attention to working methods. The child cried all the way home from school for 23 days, Mr. Deng said, told reporters in July 5th, she cried all the way home from school. The child said, in the school, the first grade teacher Lu when many students say he stole the first grade students of the pencil, but he didn’t steal, they feel very grievance, in front of the students could not lift up, cried all the way. Mr. Deng said that after the children have been at home, afraid to go to school, just a few days later in their own accompanied by the school to participate in the final exam, this semester did not go to school. During the school principals and teachers to see the children at home, but the child was afraid, ran to the hillside on the ground for a long time, and the principal and teacher to go back after. The aunt Ms. Deng said, after the event, she asked the headmaster and the teacher Lu before school students to the apology, but the other did not do this, so the children still feel insulted, afraid to go to school. The description of the thing: "after that day, the first grade teacher from my class called me to the first grade at the door, said" you steal a pencil? " I didn’t steal, the teacher pointed at my nose, that you stole, that you stole, you so hard, then I cry, I cry to the school, home is crying." The reporter asked: "that you took someone else’s pencil?" The sea: "no, I haven’t been to their class." Reporter: how are you feeling now? Do not want to go to school?" The sea: "sad, want to, but my teachers and classmates said that I am a thief, I dare not go." Reporter: at that time the teacher said you, there are students around you?" The sea: "well, there are a lot of students, most of them are the first grade." The teacher said the child saying: no steal Miaozhen DENGZHANGZI primary school in Chaoyang County, the pencil head says that after he understood, the sea and the first grade of a student Kobayashi (a pseudonym) met classmate Kobayashi to want a pencil, but he did not give up the name of Kobayashi frighten him, if you say don’t give me a call the grade 5 to control you, Lu teacher in the understanding of the situation is also called the sea, ask others to have a pencil small tube, and did not steal. After the event, the continuous 3 days, until in the final exam, so far did not come to school this semester. The president said, schools will also report to the higher authorities and Da Miao Zhen Central Primary school.相关的主题文章: