Children who come to apply for admission

Guangzhou who Suiqian children can apply for school integration Guangzhou daily news (reporter Du Juan) yesterday’s municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted the "on the further implementation of the views of" basing personnel Suiqian children receive compulsory education, to implement the Suiqian children receive compulsory education work defined the "two" (i.e. the input of government management, full-time school-based). It is reported that held in Guangzhou, Guangdong residence permit for a full year to spike staff can apply for admission to the area for their children. It is reported that, since 2010, Guangzhou and the district has issued a local solution to Sui children Suiqian children to accept the views of compulsory education or implementation details, this work has achieved some results. In order to speed up the implementation of the compulsory education for children of migrant workers to the public primary and secondary schools as the main goal, to further promote the equalization of basic public services, Guangzhou introduced the implementation of the opinions. "Opinions" to implement the Suiqian children receive compulsory education work "two of Guangzhou" (that is, to enter the government management is mainly to full-time school-based) proposed requirements; objectives and tasks, a clear solution Suiqian the next 4 years to reach the entrance of sub goals, clear the entrance requirements according to the conditions the requirements of national and provincial security degree and school integration, and the specific conditions of their respective operation is determined by the district according to the situation. However, the "opinions" clearly, those who hold in our city for the "Guangdong residence permit" for a full year of basing personnel, for the Suiqian children for admission to primary school stage of compulsory education in the first grade and junior high school the first grade, according to the law to pay in our stable occupation, stable residence, including social insurance an insurance of life and other conditions of any place of area of application integration system of enrollment, the district can not refuse to accept. The Municipal Education Bureau relevant responsible person said, "opinions" breakthrough three innovations: one is the implementation of subsidies for the district to solve Suiqian children occupied by public and private degree, mobilize the enthusiasm of the district government, the urban two together to solve the problems of compulsory education for migrant children. The two is matched with the compulsory school enrolment online registration system, convenience and benefit. The three is to support private schools with the classification is conducive to promoting the standardization of private schools, high-quality development. "Opinions" requirements, the district government to organize the work of the organization’s children in the region of compulsory education. Departments should be in accordance with the division of responsibilities, to promote the protection of children to accept compulsory education long-term mechanism construction. District basing personnel services management departments should make the acceptance to spike to Suiqian children for jifenzhi admission work; district education administrative departments should do a good job applicants according to the score, the exemption principle of co-ordination arrangements degree. In addition, according to the "Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government on the issuance of Guangzhou talent green card system notice" (SUI House Office 2016 regulation No. 5) regulations, enjoy the preferential policies of the green card holders personnel Suiqian children, can not apply for entry points. In addition, the implementation of the Opinions also requires the strengthening of the children to establish information, management and service. To spike personnel service management departments to strengthen the registration of children to work in a timely manner to grasp the children.相关的主题文章: