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UnCategorized Every good interior design curriculum will concentrate on color, and the use of color in living spaces, furniture and accessories. Interior designers should be experts in the use of color in interior design. Knowledge of color in interior design is more than knowledge of the color spectrum. The use of color in interior design is important to the mood of a room which can affect those that live or visit that particular room. The color scheme in a home should be evident in each room and throughout the entire home. Color in interior design can contribute to a theme that is acceptable to those that will spend a significant amount of time in the living spaces. Color in interior design means a feeling for the colors that work well together, and those interested in creative designs will strive to find novel .binations of the usual colors. Those interested in using color in creative interior design will work with shades of different colors. The shade of one color can create a different effect than a different shade of the exact same color. Creative interior designers will explore the use of the shades of color in the interior designs they present to their clients. Color in Interior Design Affects the Appearance of Size Some clients have unlimited funds and unlimited space, but these clients are not the people that most interior designers will work with on projects. The interior designer will not always have the budget to tear down walls or put in new ones. This situation means that each interior designer will have to use alternative means to create positives aspects. A small room can pose a significant challenge for any interior designer, but the creative use of color in interior design can change the appearance of a small room for a positive effect. Small rooms pose challenges for interior designers, but large rooms pose challenges as well. The use of color in interior design can make a significant difference in the appearance of a large room. The use of some colors will make a large room cozier for the occupants. A creative interior designer will use the appropriate colors to make a large room an inviting, .fortable space. This same designer will have a good sense of color to use appropriate shadings of the color for the most .fortable room. Color is so important in interior design, and interior design students will spend many hours experimenting with color in order to produce spectacular products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: