Designing Logos Say Hello To Good Publicity!

Business Looking to do some great marketing for your business? An eye catching logo could do the trick. When we think of Nike, what .es to mind first is their logo; simple and powerful. Ironically, designing simple logos is not that simple. You will need to keep some basics in mind before you devise one for your business. The point of having a logo is to make an everlasting impression in the minds of the public; every time they see your logo they should, instantaneously, link it with your business. Here are a few pointers: Simplicity rules: As always, the less .plex to .prehend, the easier to remember! This isnt as simple as it seems; designing logos conveying a powerful message with as little as possible is challenging, but it is in your best interest to keep it that way. Keep your business in mind: Many successful undertakings work with the name of their entities to create a logo. Several dailies, such as the New York Times, follow this pattern. If you plan on the same, remember to keep it short; this will help catch attention better. Even though the idea is to profess something about your business, abstain from making any regional references; doing so could hinder the expansion of your business into other areas. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. Quite obviously, if your product or service has a strong regional association (like French wine, for example), then it is only natural that you mention it while designing logos. In a nutshell, the name you choose for your .pany should not only reflect the nature of the business but also be memorable. One for all: It might be tempting to use different colors or typefaces on various occasions or materials. While it would certainly kill the monotony, it will do the same to your publicity. Stick to one logo that could be universally applied to all your products, brochures, business cards, so on and so forth. Just the right shade: While heavenly colors on your logo might take your breath away, you must also think of how the same choice of colors would appear in a printout or a Xerox copy of an official document. It is best to stick to shades that can be reproduced easily and consistently on all types of surfaces; alternatively take care to use adequately contrasting shades. Remember also to have a black and white version ready for use. One size does not fit all: Check how your image turns out when copied in different sizes. If it starts to look like something you didnt intend when enlarged, then you might want to pay some more attention to the contours. You may not be able to meet all the specifications on your own; using professional software for designing logos is a good bet. Employ someone with the requisite technical expertise to design your logo according to your specifications. At you could find all the help you need with professional graphics. Logo Design Workbook: A Hands-On Guide to Creating Logos, by Sean Adams, Noreen Morioka and Terry Stone, available at can teach you more about the ideal logo. Spending time on designing logos might not seem like a priority, what with the workload of being self-employed, but it most certainly is. Think of it this wayyour logo will speak for you when you are not around to introduce your business. Paying a little attention to the details can go a long way in giving your brand the wow factor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: