Desperate to travel

Desperate to travel – Sohu travel

a person, 20 kilograms of luggage, for 120 days, more than 10 provinces and cities, 25000 km, a take away on the interval between the annual travel.

from winter to spring and summer, from the south to the north, across the rivers and lakes, through advocating mountains, only to find your true self.

this article, this recording, is a summary of the 120 day gap year travel.

big brother first sound

do not regret a lifetime

listened to nausea for a lifetime

September 9, 2016 in January 6, 2017, 120 days, the road of my study, my interval years.

actually, it was recorded in December 25, 2016, and it was the 108th day of my trip. Is this voice is recorded in a Beijing girl in Xinjiang know a recommendation to my activities and activities by the "new world" & "FM" Dragonfly jointly launched, for the majority of users in 2016 to allow yourself to become more powerful story.

it’s a pity that I didn’t choose my story, but I’m very grateful. It just made me a little summary of my trip.

Spring Festival is coming soon, and I set foot on a new journey, in the distance, in the bottom of my heart, I want to hear the story of you can also say to go on a trip.

below is the text version of the recording content:

Hello everyone, I am a big brother, is the big brother in the journey to the west.

at this moment, I am sitting in a CYTS Xiangxi Phoenix on the balcony of Phoenix Town, looking at the glass lights, for you is the story for me today, Phoenix a day of rain, finally can calm down the quiet recording.

what makes you stronger in 2016, I’ll tell you a little story about me.

is the hero of the story is my big brother, this is a story about quitting to travel, this is a year of the story, this trip let me find more true or more blurred yourself.

this year, I am 25 years old, a suspended in midair is not high not low age; this year, I resigned from the first job after graduation; this year, I opened a public number, write your own story; this year, I opened a dream trip this year interval; for a year, I was on the road.

The theme of the

story is: desperate to travel

today is the 108th day of my personal travel backpack, this.